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I don't think you can do that to much extent. You can however:

- Sort your owned items by "Bought", "Bundles" and "Donated"

- I think you can ask the support if you want to remove something from your library - I am not sure about that one, though

That being said, the "big feature" of the library system is that you can actually create your own collections and sort your items that way. Whenever you claim an item, there will be a button to add and/or create a collection to put the item into. You can also access this window from an items itch page and/or your library by hovering over an item's thumbnail.


All this is in regards of how it currently works. If your post was meant as a suggestion for adding to the current system, maybe you would like to post it in instead.

Hope that helps.

[Review for Chapter 3]

I liked the different gameplay approach for both the town and dungeon area. They were also again nicely crafted. I also noted various improvements in terms of adjustments, fixes and qol, which is great.

What I would note as improvable would be the following things:

- The balancing in fights still seemed a bit off if you have the best gear in the game. Again, I like that it does not force you to do combat a certain way, but none of the encounters came even close to being dangerous for me. If I had to put it in numbers, maybe increasing the enemies damage output by 10 to 20% would be something to go for?

- The "quiz" in each temple room was a tad too trial and error, I think. The right answer always made sense after choosing it in terms of where the story wanted to go with it - but without that prior knowledge it was really easy to mess up each row of questions multiple times. Maybe putting slight hints before some of the decisions would help?

- I would also suggest lowering the encounter rate within the puzzle rooms. While I did not mind having them in general to have a constant sum of fights during the dungeon, they started becoming so frequent that they became a bit distracting while solving the puzzles.

- I still had some items left in my inventory I "should not" at the end of the chapter. While not too troublesome, I would assume it could become convoluted at some point. Specifically, I remember the "bonus item" you can get in the temple not being consumed after having used it in the village, as well as some key items from dungeon 1 and 2.

- I had Mora as the first party member during the entire temple area. I am not sure if that was intended, as the scene where you lose the big key was incorrect because of that.

Other than that, it was very enjoyable. As always, the game does not hold your hand at times in terms of what you have to do next, which I do appreciate. I also want to praise that this chapter felt more tight and polished, at least with the current update. There were some minor mistakes here and there, but nothing bad.

Overall, a great chapter and a solid improvement in terms of delivery.

Keep it up.


it seems the treasure chest is missing its character sprite from both the VXAce and MV/MZ version. (Based on the usual setup and description)

Great tileset, as always. Thanks for your hard work!

Your game will not be listed in the search results if it does not have a download (there are other reasons but I would assume this is the most prominent one by looking at your page). For the devlogs, did you look for them under "Most Recent"? They normally show up only there if they have not gotten some sort of bigger interaction (likes and comments) as far as I can tell. You may also want to check if you have filled out everything for your devlog, like adding a thumbnail and setting it to "Published".

Did you check your account settings? If I remember correctly there is a part where you are reminded of verifying and may be able to do it from there. It is in... one of the settings, because you have to verify in order to have access to all settings, I believe. You could also try re-logging. Maybe it will remind you of the verification?

Other than that: Did you check all email folders? When did you create your account? Maybe it will take a bit to receive the mail, or the system will sent it out to you after your account has been checked? You can also look into the FAQ in that regard (you can find it at the bottom of the page).

If you think that you've tried everything, you can also contact the support. You will find the link to that at the bottom as well (next to the FAQ link).

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[Review for Chapter 2]

I really enjoyed the second kingdom and the style/character of its inhabitants. The story continued as expected and the characters (old and new) kept their charme.

The dungeon was great. I liked how the theme was executed in both lore and gameplay.

I also liked the small touches for getting into the kingdom and dungeon, respectively. Leafko changing the outfit visibly instead of just stat-wise was also a nice surprise.

The two side activities are a good addition, it was fun looking for the hidden items. The idea with writing back a letter with different answers is interesting, I am looking forward to how that will turn out.

As far as feedback goes: I would mostly suggest another round of bug hunting before release. I did found two issues in the first chapter which should be new. I also stumbled on multiple scenes where the english translation did not trigger.

There are also a few things I would look into in regards of polishing. For example how item management is handled after certain events.

While I enjoyed the battles and how both characters have their roles (in both chapters), the balance still is a bit off. Enemies started a bit more difficult in chapter 2, but they quickly became incapable of really hurting me (exception being the solo-vents and bosses) while having the highest defence stats in regards of equipment. I did need to buy a few mana recovers in the dungeon, but other items and ailment spells seemed rather unneeded/ineffective against enemies.

Equipment also seemed to be mostly weaker than what I already had (except the upgrade to the nut items), so the armour shop seemed a bit underwhelming in that regard.

I don't think these things have to be overhauled completely, I did like the freedom of playing how you like. But a bit of fine tuning would probably make that even more enjoyable.


A bit more on the feedback side this time, but as said, I did really enjoy where the journey is going and the different story and gameplay aspects you have put in.

Thanks for the update and keep up the good work!

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How did you name the new project's folder? You have to stick with the same naming convention (no spaces, special characters, etc.) like with your file names.

Other than that, I did another google search and found some results (from itch itself actually) and it's mostly the same answer. Somewhere some folders or files within the project use characters which aren't allowed. If it is a fresh rpg maker project, that would indeed be weird, as from what I know it should all only be localized in english and in a way it shouldn't be incompatible.

The only things I can recommend at this point are to check every single folder and file name from the whole project you are going to archive and upload and check if it follows the naming rules.

Another thing mentioned in one thread was that the program you use to archive a project can be important as well, as it has to do the archiving process in the correct format to support UTF-8 as well. So the solution mentioned there was to switch to another program to archive your project. Either that, or maybe simply changing the settings you are currently archiving your project with.

The default ones should be okay. Most of them only are words and numbers together, some of them use _ . I would assume if the devs of the software have used them, that they shouldn't break anything. In addition, most assets I've come across from different authors also used them in their formatting.

So if you want to play it very save you could decide to not use them, but I would say - and _ should be allowed in between normal letters and numbers in most scenarios.

Also, some default files have ! and $ at the beginning. Although it is normally not allowed to use them, RPG Maker in particular uses them to deal with the files in a specific way in the editor. If the platform you want to upload really cares about that is the other thing, but the software has used these two letters since years.

I also have to admit that even though the rules seem to be so strict, it is actually rare that I've heard of people having big problems with their file naming. So I guess not using native special characters of a language and avoiding really bad special characters should normally be enough.

(2 edits)

Could be possible, yes. French uses various characters that are exclusive to that language (like a lot of countries). It is normally not good to use them in file names, as in the long run you will encounter problems. Even if your game would somehow be working on the website, others may be running into problems with your next project that is to be installed locally, for example.

The best way to avoid this is to use a set way of naming your files and sticking to it. For example Hero01_B . As long as you stick to english alphabet, you shouldn't encounter any problems. You also shouldn't use any special characters like spaces, though. I think brackets are okay, as well as _ . So you still have some room of formatting your files.

Edit: So I've actually checked which special characters are allowed and... this is more complicated than it should be. The general gist for file naming seems to be that you better only use - or _ . Some others may be allowed depending in which scenario they are being used. It is also important to note that you should definitely avoid using special characters at the start or the end. Using a letter of the alphabet first is also recommended. Again, there can be exceptions depending on where it is used. For example RPG Maker specifically uses ! and $ at the beginning of a filename to work with that file in a certain way.

They also don't mention brackets, or rather some state they are not good to be used. Which means I probably have to go back and change my filenames for a third time *sigh*. I actually doubt that every case of special letters will get you in trouble, so maybe some things are a bit overreacting. But the question is how much can you avoid using them to not risk needing to change all names again after you've used them in your project already.

Also, obviously special characters from your native language are still forbidden. Had to learn that the hard way when I was younger, as well.

Hope that helps!

Edit 2: Yes.

I've checked some more and, specifically for html, it seems that some are stating you shouldn't even use _ . Also, you should write in lowercase only.

... I think that covers it. Honestly, I've never seen a more nit-picky naming convention in my life.

I would assume it means your file names have invalid characters in them. That's at least what I can make out from UTF-8 by looking over the topic.

Web-based (HTML) stuff is actually quite picky about how you name your files. You shouldn't use spaces or any special characters, even if your operating system doesn't forbid you using them itself.

If this is indeed the problem, the only thing you can do is go back to your files and change how they are named - which will of course cause problems as you have to re-assign all of these files in every instance within your project again. I think I've read it might be possible to export your event data into text files and change stuff like that in there. But simply importing it back obviously won't work - so there is probably a bit more to that solution.

The only other thing I could come up with is that the archiving itself causes problem. Maybe you have to change that?  I guess it would be best to look up's help about html games for that:

Sorry for the vague input, but maybe it'll help you out. If someone has more (better) information about that topic, feel free to jump into the conversation.

I think creativity is, to a great part, based on an individual's personality and abilities. There are often times where people tell you that they don't have much creativity and wouldn't have come up with xyz, even if it happens to be a run-of-the-mill idea you have everyday wherever you look.

Of course, that's because these people tend to do stuff different. How they approach situations and handle the results can differ vastly. Now, that doesn't mean they couldn't learn to be more creative about things - but I believe this would be the same thing as to ask a daydreamer to stop having his head in the clouds and look more realistic at his life and not overthinking it.

So, as there is a general difference, that difference also divides itself even more if you look at a creative person in more detail. There are people who have fantastic ideas for what they want to achieve, or they come up with stuff simply because they don't think too deeply about it. Then you have people like me who base all their ideas upon past experiences, their life and what they heard or saw maybe just yesterday. I think this group is actually the biggest one in regards of creative design, that's why it is quite difficult nowadays to come up with something completely new. People's minds stick to what worked and what they liked, and depending on how far they can spread their ideas around a topic determines how wide they can alternate from making a 1-on-1 copy design.

Finally, you have the rather small group of people, who despite our modern society, manage to create new things in small or even bigger scales. These are the people which work will be stuck in our minds the longest and shape the way results will be achieved and look like in the future.

So yes, at the end, I believe, for every person out there, there is a limit to how creative they can be. This limit depends on a lot of things, though. What the topic is, the detailed characteristics and traits of the person, their past and experience. And of course, there is some amount of shifting to your minds creative capability. People can learn to become more creative, or better said, learn to know their upper limits.

I think knowing oneself and how to approach your creativity is very important. That also means that you have to accept what this means to you and your work and the upper limit you can reach. There are always people who say you can do anything and reach everything - and of course, technical they are right. But if you, for example, are not a person with such a personality or ambition to reach goal number 5, then it will be quite difficult and you may feel more comfortable to accept that goal 3 is also fine for yourself. Of course, reaching goals has many more requirements - I just want to express that obviously not anyone will become the most famous person in area x out there for a rational reason.

That's at least how I think about it. This is a topic which can be approached from a lot of different angles and philosophies, so it can certainly be interesting to read other people's opinions on it.


from what I would guess by looking at your page, it's because you have no download available. If there is no download, the page also won't show up in the search. You may also have gotten an email about that after creating the page.

Other reasons could be that you have not set your page to being published to the public. If it is still shown as 'Draft' at the top bar, it is only available to people who have the link to it.

For the Devlog, it actually should appear as far as I know. You can check if it is set to published, as well. Other than that, keep in mind that new Devlogs normally only show up under the 'Most recent' tab until they got interacted with (Like getting likes or comments).

Posting this here as well, as reviews are only readable by followers for some reason.

[Review of the First Chapter]

Charming art and relatable characters. The story and setting is loosely inspired by one of my childhood favourites and is already intriguing to follow. I also liked the lore-building within the areas.

If I would need to mention something to improve it would be everything, really - which I don't mean in a bad way.

The game just needs a bit more polishing in all areas to make what there is shine even more. Seeing that this is only the first chapter, I think this is a solid start.

Keep up the great work!


On a side note, I also did not mind the pacing - which is not meant to be a shot against anyone. It just means that different people enjoy different styles of how a game portrays itself.

I would say it may be something for people who take their time if something grabs their interest.

Just try it out!


I just wanted to point out some minor things. They are easy to fix and nothing breaking, but you might want to change them for your official download.

1. The Metal-Statue in all versions is moved too far to the right by 2 pixels, covering up part of the Flora-Statue.

2. The Metal-Statue in both Elemental Dungeon sizes is one pixel higher than it is supposed to for the 192/128 height.

3. The most right line of pixels for the base's shadow is a bit darker between statues if compared to the most right one of the sheet.

Have a nice day and keep up the great work!

Hi SeraphCircle,

I wanted to ask the following questions:

1 - What are the specific terms of use for this pack? The other packs have slightly varying terms on their store page. I'm asking as I keep the specific license descriptions bundled together in my asset folders and want to make sure.

2 - I had an idea to replace the loading spinner of RPG Maker MZ with a loading image including one of the Sandman variants. The problem is, though, that the engine seems to not be able to locate the file if it has been encrypted. Question is, do you mind using the graphic like this - and if it's okay - is it an issue if it can't be encrypted and needs to be placed inside the root of the project folder to avoid said encryption? The terms of use for the project will of course still apply that none of these assets are allowed to be taken/used/etc.

In any case, thanks for these - and keep up the good work.

Kind regards!