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For the expansion i just need to wait until sunday for the fair 

For the den quest i need to wait  one week.

I recently found out that I still haven't done the "I owe you a beer" quest, and the problem is that when I get back to my house in the village (yes I've done all the necessary activities) the event does not trigger. At the story level I had already finished the main quest with werewolves and logan is not a botom.

Can you give us ANY sign of life please ?

I don't know if you noticed but the updates are free, you don't need to be a subscriber to be able to play. 

I agree with what you say in your comment (I got scammed too) but blackgate has never been abandoned, on the contrary it receives updates every month

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I still have one question. Who owns the building? Donnald ? The cat ?Mikko, who is clearly not a simple cat (Maybe a shape shifter )since he understands human language perfectly and can protect Lukas from destiny  in this dream.

Cristian:Ah! a VN who never gonna be finished !

Okay !

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Coming soon since 4 month  

Hi, will the story end when we finish the mission or will there be a bigger plot behind it?

Lol okay.I dont know why but i thinked that  i needed to search him in the game ^^

Spoiler about Klaus:

In klaus route.When klaus left us with a message for finding him, we need to wait a future update or we need to actually find him in a precedent  save or route of other character ? 

Honestly I'm a little disappointed that you plan to work less on Barachoda Bloom to release more updates for By Your Hands (BB which is certainly less familiar in terms of the romance route but more interesting). I completely understand that you have to prioritize your time on the most popular game, but I'm afraid our poor Rahmir will end up like the protagonist of Dwarven Destiny.

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Keisuke route  in a nutshell


I see, thank you for answering me and have a nice day/evening .

Hi, is it possible to buy the game for having access to all the updates without paying each month?

Sympa la référence a Zelda avec l'histoire du vieux qui donne une épée au héros ^^ 


Wyatt: Tuuuuuuuckeeeeeeeeeeer !!!

I think we can continue to wait for a long time since after 100 days of inactivity we still had no news...

I feel that Shoichi is not going to be happy for this route


Taking a break ?  it's been a year since there was an update... 

There is also the pub which fits very badly into the game because you can access it at any time during the game. Otherwise everything you said is true but that would require a complete overhaul of the game to correct all the problems, and I don't think the developer has the motivation to redo everything.


Ok Thank you for answering my questions and have a nice day/evening ^^.

Ok I understand the concept. In this case do you plan a paid version of the game (for example at $10) to have access to all the new updates without having to pay again?

Hi I have a question. If I buy the "basic tier" at 3$, do I get access to the early version forever or do I have to pay for it every month?

Malheureusement ça bug aussi en anglais

Par exemple quand je fait une sauvegarde au moment de faire le premier choix sur la plage et que je veux charger cette sauvegarde, cela me ramène au tout début quand je dois choisir mon nom. 

Salut j'ai un petit problème avec les sauvegarde qui me ramène au début du jeux

Merci pour la traduction ^^

Hi, how soon will the update be ready?

Ok it's a shame but I understand, in this case I'll wait a little longer until the game is more advanced. thank you for answering me and have a nice day too.

So if I buy it I will have access to all versions after?

In Great britain certainly 

I downloaded the new update and I must say that I am a little disappointed, in the first part of the game we have lots of new events, the dialogues were improved and the character designs are better, your team had done a very good job. On the other hand, apart from some dialogue, tatsuki's route was literally copy/paste from the version of morenatsu revisited and that's a shame because I think you could have added content to improve his route, for example in the first part of home coming hiroyuki has a lot of interaction with his grandparents and in the tatsuki part they no longer exist, and it would have been good hiroyuki talks to them about his relationship with tatsuki, you could also add a scene with how tatsuki relatives react to the fact that Hiro and Tasuki are together on the perfect route. I know you made Home coming game for free but as I said before it's a shame that your team just take over whole sections of the old version of morenatsu to finish the road of the characters when for the first 15 days you had all redone better.

Hi, is it possible to buy the game to have access to all the updates without repaying each month?

Thank you =)