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Agreed. I had a situation in underwater container bunker, i found a lvl 2 armor and lvl 1 helmet, I had a shotgun M870 and blue skin. And someone guy with red skin came to me and i shoot him with 5 meters and guy with red skin he was not be  dead, i was be suprised how guy is not dead i hit him with all spreads, and this guy with no armor,helmet, and red skin he shoot me with same shotgun M870 and he instant kill me in the same distance (5 Meters) 3 spreads from shotgun M870 hit me. My healthbar was be full  and i use one pills and two soda`s and guy instant kill me 

Sorry for bad English :)

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I know its a 2D Battle Royale game and i know this game is low funded but its not so playeble today (2019) such as last year (2018) i know in the future updates would be added. I know this game still working and updateing. New maps would be a good idea. But stats are fall. Who knows maybe this game be more playeble this year we don`t know. And what am i say wrong.

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Ok so this game is a good today. I have 18 years old. I`m  not so good player in this game because im hard worker i work almost every day to make money. When i`m tired i cannot play this game because im a tired and i must have relax. I get along in this game. I play this game for fun, not for rating, but somehow this (good game is dying) don`t get me understand wrong but i see ratings and i watching ratings of this game before and after.

I don`t know what year i started this game. I played this game and i liked this game in first play is be good experience to start this game. This game have 4000 to 5000 players overall (mostly in North America servers). When i first time to play this game. It`s be a fun game first time. We play this game for luck to get Chicken dinner.

(2018) this game is a dominating. A few updates just relased:houses,rivers,big green houses,bunkers new guns like SPAS-12,M1100,Vector,knifes,axes and so on. 2018 year is be a full of players almost 18000+ or more players in North Amrerica,8000+ or more players in Europe i don`t know true stats, and almost 5000+ or more players in Asia. Guns are be a OP and you are played on skills because is be a too much players and you had to effort to get Chicken dinner.

(Near the end of 2018  on October or November) popularity of this game is falling. This game lost 100 to 300 players or even more every week (correct me if i`m wrong) but i see this stats on December. Almost like a 3000+ or more players in South America, 2500 or more in Europe servers North america a 2000+ or more and Asia a 1500+ players or more i don`t know true stats

(2019 January) stats are dramaticly changed almost no players playing this beautiful good game. Europe today barely reaches 2500+ or even more, Asia barely reaches 1500 or even more i don`t know, North America barely reaches 10000 players or even more, South America barely reach a 500 to 1000 players or more. Statistics variating every hour or minutes. I feel this good game is dying. Every month or week somehow get up but stats are dramaticly fall 

Good luck and have fun wishes MathewZzNature :) PS sorry for my bad English.

haha XD

this is just a joke ok

M1100 Best shotgun ever XD

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But i hit him all 8 shots with same range and i did not kill him. I had lvl 2 armor and lvl 1 helmet and this guy had nothing only shotgun and he instant kill me with all shots with same range man 

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yes i saw it too. This game is good but i only hate players who following me all entire map 

This game before is be a better, is be a fun,playable. Today this game  have full bugs and glitches and  i had one situation.  I had a M870 shotgun i came to underwater container bunker and one guy came to me with same shotgun M870  that guy have only light blue skin with no armor i shooted him arround 5 meters and i did not kill him he just staying in the place and this guy who stay at the place he instant kill me arround 5 meters with same shotgun M870 I had a lvl 2 armour and lvl 1 helmet. How is this possible i don`t know. 

This game is great but this game have lot of bugs and glitches.