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This is an amazing game with an amazing concept! Great job guys!

After playing the game, and you feel confident in your thoughts about the game, please leave feedback in this survey!

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It works but it looks like I'll have to drag into terminal every time.

EDIT: I have a found a solution that works. It looks like newer versions of macOS (I'm assuming Sierra on up) only allow users to add Terminal executables to the /usr/local/bin without any problems or having to use sudo (which I attempted to open the /usr/bin folder with no luck). So if it's possible, there needs to be a disclaimer for macOS users to install butler for newer versions of the OS.

I was able to make it an executable but I was unable to add it to my PATH. It still works if I drag the file into Terminal then run commands from there.

I will try that and let you know my results.


I am currently working on a game that I will release on and I am running into problems installing butler on macOS. I've looked all around the internet on how to write it into my bash_profile file but whenever I run the command, it fails to run with the error saying that the command isn't found. I don't know if this is a problem with the recent macOS software updates but it seems like common commands do not run without preempting them with running export to the default path.

Will there be an easier way to push builds through butler? If not, an easier way to install it on macOS?

Thank you.

It worked! My builds are alive. Thank you so much!

So butler is taking information based on the game's url? I tried running that command and I was getting 

C:\Users\SirusAmory>butler status eternalstarlight/not-space-invaders
No channel  found for eternalstarlight/not-space-invaders

I am getting this problem too. I've tried logging in and out and renaming the project and different locations on my drive, all to no success.

C:\Users\SirusAmory>butler status nsi
*errors.errorString API error: invalid target
C:/Multi-Runner/builds/58469115/0/itchio/butler/src/ (0x7e2308)
C:/Multi-Runner/builds/58469115/0/itchio/butler/src/ (0x7e625b)
C:/Multi-Runner/builds/58469115/0/itchio/butler/src/ (0x7e4e2c)
C:/Go/src/runtime/proc.go:185 (0x42a186)
C:/Go/src/runtime/asm_386.s:1629 (0x44f991)

C:\Users\SirusAmory>butler version
v5.0.1, built on May 19 2017 @ 15:51:58, ref ed26a09b37c4a0892f33d216b27e46e0650bd6cc


Hello! This topic is mainly for posting about bugs and other problems when playing the game.