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wow when i left the stream there was a lot of stuff to be done. Glad u finished and even polished it really nicely. Level design was good and can be easily expanded upon with just some new mechanics. Overall really epic.

Such an epic game. The sound when i stomped on jeff besos is so satisfying. Veryy epic!


This is my submission for the gamejam and is actually focused around being streamed in public video platforms.

My game is totally focused on being extremly hard and rage inducing the controls are easy to learn and hard to master would love to see u try to speedrun it and complete it.

Finally finished playing your game. First time im giving 5/5 on art i think it compliments the enviroment really well. The soundtracks slaps hard and The gameplay was really good too. Overall 18/20 from me.

glad u enjoyed :)

The game was good and i did play all levels. It was very satisfying to dodge the bullets because of my pro gamer moves and beating the aimbot of the turrets. level design was good/ Overall 15/20 for me

The game was good the main mechanic was dope and very well made. The background music was groovy too

Yo! that was really fun and the enemy were unique and fun to play against. The ai was very good and i think makes it understandable wy there was no sound. Although i would appreciate a way to know how much health i have and u shuld give more player feedback like a hit animation so i know i took damage.

wow at first i doubted how u wuld connect these genres but u did a spectacular job with that. Game could use a little polish but i understand as only 48 hrs were given.Fun game

I liked the game as a whole it gave me spooky vibes. Mechanic was creative as well. Not showin off or anythin but i got a score of 72 :o

Wow so polished wish i could polish my game so much in 2 days. The mechanics were really creative and i have never played a game like this before but recommend putting restart button

in the wise words of DANi! wow that was really cool. jokes aside i had an amazing time playing the game and the art made me so relaxed and the whole game had a sense of warmth to it

well i got upto level 6 and gave up after 5 mins of level 6. Too hard for me.

Omg I was getting the best run and then i got rick rolled and my gun literraly said bang. is it just me or was that a dragon ball z reference.Jokes aside the game was very fun overall aswell.

the game was good art needed some work but dont worry i dont rate based on that until u worked really hard on art. As your first gamejam u did splendid! The game was very fun.

Wow! that was so good. The visuals were top-notch and I loved  the puzzle mechanic. But, ngl i didnt like the tutorial very much since my brain is so smol i cant understand so much.

The game was very tactical and made me think about my every mood art style was good and the bars moving with the music were really cool. 16/20 rating for me :)

This was unexpectedly very fun. The mechanics were very cool and unique and the level design went very good with the mechanics. Only drawback was graphics but i wouldnt care less about graphics in a gamejam game!

That was a really good puzzle game reminded me of one of my games cause i made games like this i aced this game with only 17 counted deaths. Good Job!

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These are way too many games to be played in one day by me so i suggest people who post in this thread pick random games from this thread and rate those games too :)

The controls were stiff(recommend controller support)and i had to play for some time to get used to them the collision felt really abrupt and i suggest change in the collision as i literraly got stuck in walls and had to press "S" to turn my jet back up again.The art style combo meter and particles were very well 5/5 on that. Total 17/20 for me

I played the game and the asthetic was so good it had me staring at the reflections for minutes. But since the start screen in which u read about the game was too less time to read for me i had to replay the game several times just to read all instructions.

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The game was a ton of fun, art style was clear and i could easily tell what the player was, what was meant to be interactable and what was not so good job on that. the jumping with gun was very juicy aswell totally loved it. I'm not flexing or anything but i did get a sub 10 min time

dont worry

i like the giant smiley how did u do that?

Very good.

hope it gets approved

dont think its possible

oof i did the same thing *facepalm*

I loved the games asthetic and art it was not very repetitive and had enough 'change' to keep me playing. 


17/20 rating

no problemo happy to see u got another chance

U mailed ur game right?

is your game unrunnable?

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Pls tell reason for not being able to submit too in your mail with the game link

look at my thread and follow steps provided

definetly put a windows build

It doesnt load for some reason?

send your link to this mail id with valid technical issue that prevented u from submitting it will be reviewed and published to jam by host

Gmail id

Oh wait join discord rn 

hes accepting games that had a issue submitting discord link is at bottom of overview in jam