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Industrial furniture

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How do we have similar physical problems xd

I had three knee ligament injuries in both leg's (two in the left knee but the right knee was more serious needed surgery) and my right wrist in pain in well (probably from work) I'm barely going to hit 19 on the 28th of this month lol

Well it was good to hear about you and the VN at least, try to take care of you, your leg's are important, try out some vitamins or supplements (quality one's that actually works) and maybe try to do some "medical" workout (sorry for my bad English) because you probably don't want to call laying or sitting down as crouching like I do already

Stay safe out there! 

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So.... What's the password? 

Since it's 7 digits is a lot especially when there is a "vg" maybe if it's not just numbers 

Small update: I have 0 clue 

Another smaller one: I don't even know if I on the right track 

I just checked the pictures from the game...... I guess you really just given up with the game 

Well I finished and I can't really give a great judge on it personally it was so short, but it's a interesting abandoned project for sure just like the Invitation and just like the Invitation it's just cancelled... What a shame but I think the writing was okay the pictures where a bit too basic but since it's a cancelled project I don't really care and Ford.... He is a cute and I love this art style it's so simple yet good looking 

Since you planning to stay here and get motivated I will try to check on your account from time to time but this novel right here is only can be continued as: How Ford trying to rejoin as a "Physical being" and upon choices (like two routes) there would be a one where he can't thank William enough for resurrecting him and another where he breaks down and realise sadness and depression (he starts to see the real life) and he just wants to stay with William because that's where he feels safe and over time he regains some (or all) of his confidence 

It's ain't a great base for a novel but isn't that bad, try to consider my ideas maybe you can get some inspiration from it, it's up to you to make it happen and maybe you can make it great 

"Like a wall" -Trump 

Even through it's just a devlog this is the most detailed devlog about a small project what I ever seen 

I quite feel like it is going to be a well developed update, don't rush it :) 

It was good and an interesting chapter 

Besides of that I found a missing e 

Well.... Think about again because I played with other visual novels and in the Immortal Justice (Appolyon Steel) on my Samsung galaxy s10+ couldn't load the Starry Night Sky imagine (in chapter 2) but on my older Huawei loaded it and I can continue it 

And for me this visual novel has no problem but literally cannot load a picture on better phone in an other visual novel so yeah Samsung has a weird problem with visual novels (I tried to redownload it and restarted my phone too) 

Android version is planned or impossible because of the controls (too much buttons)? 

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I follow this visual novel from the 0.04 build and I love it and I hope you will get better with your health 

And I think Google is like it too because now actually know what I'm looking for