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Industrial furniture

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Even through it's just a devlog this is the most detailed devlog about a small project what I ever seen 

I quite feel like it is going to be a well developed update, don't rush it :) 

It was good and an interesting chapter 

Besides of that I found a missing e 

Well.... Think about again because I played with other visual novels and in the Immortal Justice (Appolyon Steel) on my Samsung galaxy s10+ couldn't load the Starry Night Sky imagine (in chapter 2) but on my older Huawei loaded it and I can continue it 

And for me this visual novel has no problem but literally cannot load a picture on better phone in an other visual novel so yeah Samsung has a weird problem with visual novels (I tried to redownload it and restarted my phone too) 

Android version is planned or impossible because of the controls (too much buttons)? 

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Lol (that's definitely a bruh moment for me) 

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I can't wait to see! 

Another thing in the trailer :

Can you save all of them?                          

And I just want to question it:

How many endings will be? 

If we didn't save one (or more) that's have bad benefits? Interesting, helpful informations (deeper back stories?) that we only get if we save her/him I mean.      


There is 8 wolfs and if we didn't save 1 we still got 7 and if we didn't save 2 we got 6..... But there is the twist and that's is the names: Appolyon, Soba for example they are dead we still have 6 wolf but in this case what about Athena, Flames and we still got 6 in this case too 

So yeah literally way too many possibilities and this is why I'm asking about the endings 

No didn't work I restarted 2 times I redownload it once..... but I still got my older phone and guess what? 

But this is my Huawei and I got Samsung so E.M.U.I. and Android but maybe it just a Samsung only thing? (because others didn't report any type of android bugs) 

 Or I don't know maybe I'm the only person that who this type of high level of unfortunate whit this visual novel 

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Android version missing Starry Night Sky file 

And when you are choose Appolyon and Moncie you just see error message until chapter 2 ends (with the errors) but the other choices are working and I still really like this visual novel 

Well on phone you didn't see the whole name of longer names of the new versions but I figured out what is new versions is and I tried again but because this was just ,,make sure I'm not stupid'' thing and yeah I wasn't wrong and I don't know this helps (or these are the main problem) but I got 2 error at this points 

First: ATHENA?!    

Second: Very well then. Goodbye. 

(I obviously saved while tried to figure out what is the problem in chapter one but still cannot be located) 

I hope it helps to locate the files problem :) 

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I tried the new version, debugged version both of the game but it seems like not working properly with chapter 2 (android hell yeah!)

I like it but I got some bad news (android) 

I found more than one (this is the first after chosen male and pick the name) 

Looking good! I can't wait for the next build 

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I follow this visual novel from the 0.04 build and I love it and I hope you will get better with your health 

And I think Google is like it too because now actually know what I'm looking for 

Understandable I don't want another Cyberpunk 2077 

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Hello there! 

Only some old one character? I realy love everybody from the old ones and whit more characters it's just better 

BTW:the default characters in the original game has really good character characteristics (fur colour, emotions, how they look and feel, talking) and that's why I love all of them 

I forgot 2 thinks :

1. I forgot to say that you need to finish the default game because I love the default story too and I think you need to finish the original story, 2 story at the same time is a little bit difficult because 2 story line writing at the same time is a little bit difficult (it's just a recommendation I don't want to ,,command'' you to do that and do that it's just experiences and expectations, recommendations) 

2. I will not create another account (if someone want to trolling whit Indrustrial Furniture 2) 

And I tried to find some other choices and I only got one last option... Play as female.             And I realised that.... You have the same choices wow 

(I expected that so I don't mean: HoW sTuPiD aRe YoU!4!!4! It's just odd to hear same flirting from Vurolis and Azora but whit girl) 

The original story how many chapters is going to have? 

I don't need the 2. Chapter fast as f but at least I'm happy to hear about something           

I don't like the clashed work (I hope Google translate is worked good at the clashed work word and means that what I want to mean)

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(spoilers ahead) 

Hello Appollyon! 

I really like the first chapter and I have some questions and ideas for the chapter 2 (I know you releasing and updated version of chapter 1) :

When we not ask about anything whit the door whit Appollyon and Athena die when we at the chapter 2 we going to have more options? Like :

What the?!?!! 

I need to tell Appollyon right now! 

(the the second option is only pops up when we know about the mysterious murderer thing)

But this is just a little detail that adds a little bit to the story

 And you should create a hide option to get a better picture from the characters clothes (and in the romantic version this option will come more important) 

I really love romantic version of this novel but I think you should have keep the story and add the content for EXAMPLE : we watch TV ALONE in the room but before you do that you have some options, like :

Invite Appollyon to watch TV (if you choose this option he don't invite you to go whit him and this chrome colored Nissan skyline )


Search for Atheon what is he doing 


Invite Azora for TV 


Invite Vurolis for TV 

(I think there is enough space on mobile to have FIFTH option) 

if you not choose the Appolyon option he will come in and maybe in the wrong time UWU (he is knocking but you don't hear it because you are ,,busy'') this is not going to happen every romantic line but If you flirt back to Azora or you choose the ,, He is Appolyon and he is mine'' whit the ,, you look like a hottie'' you can early earn the kiss or when you get the time to say something about Athena clothing you have third option: ,,ask Atheon'' and whit inviting him is going to be YOUR time whit TV and him 

All characters will be needed to featured in this version except Athena because he going alway early (or whit say good about his clothes and whenever she pops up for option you only click on those you can earn the kiss but nothing more) 

But this is the just some ideas for this version  (because English is not my language but I can speak it very well but whatever) 

For the fighting platformer is sounds really interesting but I don't have ideas for that (except: Call of justice immortal warfare.... OK this is sound bad XD) 

And the other story is sounds good but I need a base because I don't really think you can build up a house roof whitout pillars and base (if you know what I mean) 

I hope the best for you! 

-the person you created his account just for tell his ideas and experiences whit visual novels 

Edit: I will create another account industrial furniture 2