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A sizable update, including a fresh new executable with more features!

Well, it was a short-lived affair with Python, but informative nonetheless. I've made the course correction to working with RPG Maker MV after reaching the first plateau in learning a new language (or any language). To maintain some momentum towards the actual goal of finishing a game, and while maintaining the ASCII look, I will be utilizing the RPG Maker toolset to expand the things I can put into the game. New things that are coming:

  • Pre-designed levels and world.
    • The games I want to make in the near future are not procedural in concept. Yar! will allow me to practice and expand my skill set as I move towards these game types
  • Unique skills and leveling system
    • The skills and powers available to the characters, as well as classes, will be on the experimental side.
    • Things like "Warrior" and "Mage" will be replaced by things like "Office Drone" and "Pizza Delivery Person."
    • Things like "Battle Axe" and "Staff of Wonder" will be replaced by things like "Overly Expensive Pen" and "Grubbing Magazine: Summer Dessert Edition."
    • Things like "Dual Wielding" and "Earth Shake" will be replaced by things like "Collating Prowess" and "Anecdote Recital."
  • Fleshed out story
    • Where Yar! has up until now had no real plot to speak of, the overall themes present will now include daily routine frustration, life goal adjustments, Kafkaesque business structures, etc, wrapped in a surreal world filled with overly ridiculous enemies, friends and quests.
    • Obviously, much fun will be had at the expense of traditional RPG tropes.
  • New art
    • I'm a huge fan of ASCII as an interpretive art form, much like comparing reading to film: all the visuals take place in the imagination of the viewer, triggered by abstract concepts derived from the basic text media.
    • Walls, characters, furnishings, etc will all be represented by one or more ASCII characters using a fixed-width font with an incredibly deep character set.
    • The ASCII characters available to me will be manipulated with basic color and moderate animation. Currently, I've got little smiley faces that have a 3-frame walk animation that's merely an up/down bob.
    • Additional animation techniques that will be implemented: shimmering, glowing, busted/partial ASCII characters.
  • New overall play style
    • From turn-based rogue-like, we'll get a turn-based and party-based RPG with separated fight scenes.
  • Fight scene styles
    • I'm still determining how these should "look" but I'm hoping for a call back to the overly dramatic summons and battle animations from the RPGs I used to play many moons ago.
  • Leveling
    • I'm a huge fan of characters growing from pathetic nobodies to having godlike capabilities.
  • World Growth
    • I'm additionally a fan of the world changing in accordance with the character leveling. It represents the new perspectives and viewpoints attained via experience and knowledge.
New Schedule

I'm hoping to have a playable version of this game soon but I first need to figure out the exporting methods for RPG Maker. Shouldn't take too terribly long, I'd think. Worst case I just upload my file structures. I'm hoping to get my 0.1.0 into an 0.2.0 shortly, which will contain a level/dungeon(house), one character and a lot of things to examine. No enemies are planned for this first level.

Yes, this is ambitious but why not have some ambition when creating a game? It's a pet project and something I'm really looking forward to polishing. Please feel free to generate and leave thoughts and comments. I'll respond to those that have a positive bent, even if it's a criticism. Rudely worded comments will, more likely than not, be ignored.