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This game is absolutely amazing and I just fell in love with this game. This game has the totally feel of legend of zelda and the other games that you got inspiration from. Definitely keep up the good work. There was bug at 15:39 were my gold vanished and disappeared and it did comeback at some point or items won't stack @ 23:27 where my wood wouldn't stack. These bugs didn't make the game unplayable or anything just annoying at certain times when you need that certain material to use/build something and it isn't in your inventory. Overall I love this game and really can't wait for the full version of the game to come out already. Gameplay:

This game is very graphically gorgeous and defiantly would be great it had some kind of story added to it or don't because it feels like you can create your own story of why you are in the forest and why you were summoned? maybe I don't really know tho but amazing project/game.  

I love the style of fighting the boss and definitely going to get the game when full release comes out but I do have some constructive criticism about this game. check it out in my video you can skip to 16:45 for my opnion/criticim about the game. Also I understand that this game is in pre alpha so do take my opinion lightly because the devs will change the game drastically over time and will be 100% better than this pre alpha.  

Amazing Demo, This game is one beautiful and amazing. For this being a demo is just stunning but theres a optimization issue here but you already have that in plan to be fixed so keep up the amazing work and can't wait to plat the full release of the game.  

Amazing Game but I couldn't move the camera around with my mouse which forced me to use a controller which felt different looking around with a controller because it felt delayed to me but that just could be me. Overall I like this game and can't wait to see what else you add to the game and its definantly hard because I died alot when i got to room where I needed to converse the lighting key/object to the color blue

here the link to video: