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All you need to achieve your goals is right beside you. You just have to believe.

Interesting level design with clever puzzles. Looking for some sounds in future releases.

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It's really weird noone has noticed this game since nearly three months. This is a well done prototype with good balancing not making it a random button spammer. I was surprised how many of the obstacles are destroyable. From my observations it's more like 'Groundbuilding' but it doesn't sound that cool. There is a moment in the gameplay where I got teleported back to mines after leaving them but I guess it's only an issue with character positioned too close to portal. Luckily there was a 'back to Village' option in menu so it saved me. I don't know how the maximum speed upgrade is but it already feels very fast. My only suggestion is to make more levels that force you to use the special mechanic of building bridges and stairs. Maybe it will make some puzzles out of it.

Also the music is just pure joyful experience.

Game difficulty is not high. In my opinion you just have to try a couple of times to find the best route. Also a good move would be to release a mobile build. The game just feels like it was supposed to be played on mobile.

It's really hard to control the crowd. If you can call that more than one person.

Even if quality of the video may have hurt the reception of the game, I could not stand without featuring this beautiful and immersive experience through the colorful world of spreading nature.

Conquer the Earth! Or should I say, everything that's left of it.

Marbles. Enhanced.

I think I did everything right. Maybe it is just nature of Early Access. It was still a very imagination-pushing experience.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I just want some privacy.

I get that we couldn't even hear the sound if there were any because of the void, but why hamsters?!

Sticky tongue is helpful in some situations but even the timer won't save you either.

It's in Polish.

This is probably the most original idea with great use of controllers. Loaders can dream too!

My optical sensors are failing me.

Now these post pigeons are gonna have a competition. Now we need to figure out how to make roosters fly...

Leave the best at the end.

Use everything to your advantage. Even if it blows up half of the floor.

It's raining boxes.

Tiny Towns - Huge Expectations.

Just in case you thought there is never enough space to... sit.

Build while you can!

Very nice execution of the theme. Besides what @metalsnail said (because half of the video is just waiting for the final screen), I would consider adding something like information how many points the 'building' gives.

Cubic factories. Everything cubic.

Very good first look. I especially like the way everything has to be built with actual materials needed to be transported to the build site. The large amount of supplies can make it a little bit messy around but atleast you can see how much you have. Can't wait to see how everything will work with advanced automation and crazy complicated mechanisms to make the best out of the island.

I was too exhausted to bother with him.

The game went a long way since the previous version and it looks like it got much improved. I am a little bit worried about the steering because it's seems difficult for character to distinguish a slide from a roll. Nevertheless it's a funny and goofy game.

Cute in its goofiness.

Sorry for ending the video here, but I felt like the next set of levels require more patience and careful planning. Maybe some day I will get back to this.

Very frustrating not just because of everywhere occurring spikes but also because of weird camera transitions. At Least the music makes you quit your anger.

Good looking game both in graphics and level design. The thing that worries me is combat. If it's possible a locking system would help avoid enemies striking in straight line instead of going for the player. It was really hard to aim directly at an enemy. I would also consider making a tutorial for new players because it is easy to get lost in controls. Also I feel like jumping and knocking over enemies is a little bit unbalanced as you can use just this instead of actual weapons. I hope this doesn't sound really pesimistic but it would be nice to see some changes.

Very good concept. What especially caught my attention was the way the walls are disappearing. I know it's just a small details but they matter the most. It would be awesome to see some movable objects that can change the route of 'colleagues'.

I can agree that you did what you wanted to do. A very simple shoot 'em up. It may look too simple for modern player but for the people who remember the days of flat, flashy games will be thrilled without doubt.

Strategy games are my weakness and I always try not to spend whole day playing them. This game was no other and it got me play it for hours. It would be great to see how multiplayer works and how you can help your friends (or not). It took me some time to figure out that you have to do everything on the same height level. I think the research feature is not yet ready but atleast we got to see what's coming to future releases. I wonder how many trading routes can you create and what happens after you mine and salvage everything around your base. Can't wait to be raided by space pirates and of course defend myself against them. Wish you luck with your Kickstarter campaign.

Disclaimer: Video presents the full-featured version of the game which we are thankful for having pleasure trying.

Looks really great even though it's not focused on 'looking good'. The mechanic of turning the whole stage is a great idea. I got lost sometimes that I even forgot you can jump. If anything, I would suggest making the ball animation of turning, unless it's made of hard material as it can be heard.

A really good first look. The art and design is stunning. I really liked the feature that you have to pick up ammunition to various weapons which prevents your from just standing in place and clearing the waves of enemies. And the thing that enemies can move directly after you and predict the way of your movement makes it really challenging to survive atleast in the mode available now. Even though some items were missing a description, their names made it really easy to find what you need so it wasn't a big problem.

Very 'funny' ending. Just like the thing that I went through wasn't enough to call it Hell.

Simple yet sometimes challenging. I can't be sure if there is any music in the game because the only browser that allowed me to run it was good old Internet Explorer which doesn't always play music in web games. Anyways, that was a fine experience.

That's a good AI. I also noticed that it always gets the perfect score so maybe there is some way to lower its difficulty. Otherwise it's a great challenge.

I wonder if the actual game was an inspiration to the game of Ludo. They have some things in common.

This can't be that easy. I don't know why but I feel like there is something hidden from the regular view. This idea came to me after I heard a sound while entering the cage hang in one of the levels and of course the one stage where an enemy was passing the rails of some sort. It's really suspicious.

The time has come when you need to be close to your mother. You need to keep up.