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Posted in Bowler comments

With the addition of simple art style, the game is really something different from the others. A very original presentation of surreal world. Hope to see it as a full game one day

Looks promising but there could be something more about how the colors make this game complete.

Definitely more enjoyable on mobile, but still a challenge.

I feel like the only thing to fear in this entire space of black holes and shooting turrets is the damage taken from trying to land.

Posted in Lamina comments

If you will have to clear all the squares from monsters before fight with a boss, then you are going to have a hard time doing it.

Great game preview. The art style kind of reminds me of Don't Starve mixed with Bendy and the Ink Machine. Putting the real photo elements in the game together with the traditional animation is a really original idea.

That was a hell of a lot of fun. I think I couldn't get a better deal to beat the final stage, but unfortunately this is how dealing with the demons ends.

This robot has BRiTE mind.


Even more Axtreme with improved graphics.

Half an hour video and I'm not even in the half of the game, that's impressive. Some levels need great precission, while others - careful thinking.  You can expect more footage coming in the future.

Definitely looking forward to play some more and see what revolutionary mechanics are there to discover.

Created a new topic Gameplay footage and Feedback

With the new release nothing appears to be broken except the glass.

Hoping for more levels and at least some sound effects, because the idea of the game has potential.

Rolling through the castle and trying not to pop.

The light will always find the way to get where it's needed.

Good that you've decided to make the game page here. This will surely bring some more attention. I'll just leave my video here for others to see the content of the Demo.

First thought: Tetris. Turns out I was very wrong. Compared to this, Tetris is too boring. I like how the music is changing throughout the game which makes it more enjoyable as you progress.

Wireless one.

Microsoft Windows 7 with Xbox 360 Controller.

Posted in Grotto comments

Well done pixel art and animation combined with complex puzzles.

Posted in Spread comments

Overall design, the idea and the music are very well made. Only the movement when sticked to wall could be more smooth.

Requires precision and in some cases heavy thinking.

When I started playing, I couldn't stop. Can't wait to see it in final stage.

Posted in RELAY comments

The feature of controlling other robots is a good idea for an original game, and the art is not bad too.

Looks like JiG is a horrible place.


Created a new topic Gameplay footage and Feedback

First of all, the gameplay footage features only first level because I wanted to start the second part at the end of the level but later I discovered that I couldn't get the Storm Spell which is probably needed to pass second one. What I'm trying to say is that wall climbing doesn't always work and double jumping is nearly impossible as you have to perfectly time it every time. I have recorded the second level but at the end I just couldn't get to the place where Spell was so I was unable to proceed. If the second level footage could help you in understanding me I can upload it also. I really would like to see the remaining 3rd level and boss fight especially. Cons aside, the story is very rich and the gameplay itself was a bit of a challenge. Looking forward to future releases.

Everything looks different with addition of light.

All it needs to be perfect is a little bit of story.

You literally bring the music to life.

Eye just have to.

Posted in BLIK comments

I wonder if there could be and option to make the bullets a little bigger

Really want to see Polaris use in combat.

You need a lot more than just a hat to get into the club.

Posted in Pullto comments

Requires thinking and in some cases steady hand.

I'm not sure if the story was a must. Anyway nice mechanics.

As for demo it is marvellous.

I wanted to record a gameplay today but instead of that I have some bugs to report.

  • [Low settings] Projector doesn't work, showing some sort of house wallpaper and blank white box where slides should appear.
  • The game is poorly optimized and when you get caught the dialogue is not understandable.
  • [Medium settings] The guards lights go through walls. I didn't check if they can catch me.
  • The movement sometimes doesn't work and instead of moving the guy is just standing.

I stopped checking the game when the dialogue started so this may not be the only things. 

Don't get me wrong it's an interesting game, it's just not playable now. I'm looking forward to play this game again when it will get better.

Well animated, climatic music and interesting plot. Overall fantastic.