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You literally bring the music to life.

Eye just have to.

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I wonder if there could be and option to make the bullets a little bigger

Really want to see Polaris use in combat.

You need a lot more than just a hat to get into the club.

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Requires thinking and in some cases steady hand.

I'm not sure if the story was a must. Anyway nice mechanics.

As for demo it is marvellous.

I wanted to record a gameplay today but instead of that I have some bugs to report.

  • [Low settings] Projector doesn't work, showing some sort of house wallpaper and blank white box where slides should appear.
  • The game is poorly optimized and when you get caught the dialogue is not understandable.
  • [Medium settings] The guards lights go through walls. I didn't check if they can catch me.
  • The movement sometimes doesn't work and instead of moving the guy is just standing.

I stopped checking the game when the dialogue started so this may not be the only things. 

Don't get me wrong it's an interesting game, it's just not playable now. I'm looking forward to play this game again when it will get better.

Well animated, climatic music and interesting plot. Overall fantastic.

Impressive result of original idea.

So much secrets in such minimal game.