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This looks really good even as school project. I really liked the different look of character when moving from one igloo to another so it's not monotonous. I don't think that randomly generated levels would be possible because of the teleporters but own made levels work too.

I really regret not hearing about this game earlier on when the Kickstarter campaign was still running. The cartoon itself is a real masterpiece. Selection of characters is really on point with their abilities, talents and also side jokes. I kind of wish that the game had the same art style as the show, but I can see the point of making it in newer graphics more applicable to the game. I was unfortunate enough to encounter an invincible enemy across the way, but luckily there is the time travel feature so it wasn't a major problem. The enemies themselves could have more self-awareness to make them more challenging to beat. To sum up, I wish that the game succeeds to finish and maybe bring some more attention to the show itself which it totally deserves.

Really 'neat' game. Great inspiration with interesting results.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to create the real Rube Goldberg machine because no matter how heavy object hit the beam of the lever it didn't move a bit. Just like it was fixed to the object below. Nevertheless I went for simple domino style solution but still had a lot of fun. I guess I'll wait for the next update hopefully bringing Challenges to the game and try again with many more ways.

Since it's still in development there is no place to complain about unfinished things. The game looks really good even in this phase, the selection of music is accurate and difficulty is bearable until you turn it all the way to Impossible. I'm looking forward to future releases.

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The game is a real graphical masterpiece. It has everything what steampunk game needs - steam, machines and explosions. I wonder what awaits around the corner of next levels and what complicated puzzles there are on the way. It took me a while to realise that I had to use more power to get the balls up the ramp, maybe there was a clue I missed. Definitely going to revisit it as soon as possible to discover more and more of what appears to be a great adventure down the mines.

I haven't had so much fun since the time I played Factorio. I'm sure that it was the inspiration for the game. Very addicting and I have a feeling that it's clearer to see the actual bulidings and stuff by use of simple sprites. Sorry If the video is too long but I wanted to show as much as I could.

Amazing looking game with some real feel of the speed. I would like to apologize for my carefulness which made the game look a little bit less dynamic, but I hope there will be more opportunities to show off the real blur of the motion while running without stopping this time. The only thing I would like to suggest is to make Adrenaline Boxes have different color so it's easier to see them and plan the route.

Very climatic cyberpunk elements combined with chinese music make a perfect looking game. Many different ways to finish the stage and diversity of enemies make you think twice before making your move. The placement of strike points requires some precision in tracing moves but nothing too hard.

Looks really colorful. It's good for the early stage and still needs some work but I have high hopes it will only get better. From major suggestions I would like to see some kind of self-defense for unactive character so he/she doesn't die like that knight in the video. Not to mention creepy corpse of knight following me... Maybe something like use of shield for knight and bubble shield for witch? A good idea is also to add some animations to the monsters too so you can easier see when they attack.

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Certainly harder than matching three or four blocks with the same color. The text on meter is barely visible and I noticed it after recording the video. I don't know if it activated automatically or I just pressed it 'by mistake'.

A very cute puzzle game with clever concept. I can't imagine how level 50 looks like if it gets even more divided.

A very cute and funny game. I wonder if there could be more challenging tasks, something like you have to wash the utensils after few 'punches' or more crowded rooms. Unfortunately, you can kind of cheat the game because when you finish gathering ingredients and serve, multiple click while serving can fill all the plates. It's not a big issue since you can click more carefully but I think it shouldn't work like that.

This is a very good concept. I would risk saying that it's even hearder than real chess because of it's mechanics. Here you have to not only place your pieces in right place to make next move but also manage their health and use right ones to make move. Pawn stronger than the Queen? Who would have tought! Also the relationships that give another perks along the way are a very cool idea.  I wonder if there is actual limit of additional perks that one character can have. The moving system reminds me of game called Into the Breach, but only with single move per turn. I can't wait to see what this game is going to look like when it's finished. For now it's a very promising title.

I'm not really into top down RPGs but this one drew my attention by its many mechanics of moving around and refined, as for simple game, graphics. I hope there are some puzzles connected to certain type of swords you get along the way. The game looks pretty promising and I would definitely play more and of course try it in cooperation mode.

I've encountered a bug. The sword that you pick up in tutorial phase is stuck inside character and you can't deal any damage. I hope I can replay this as soon as it gets fixed.

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Great use of ambient lighting and colors to match objects make this experience very atmospheric.

This game would definitely get better with some of ramps being usable. I was also thinking about some game modes like limited time or disappearing routes just to add some pace. The most time consuming idea is to add cooperation mode to compete with friends. But those are only suggestions, I just want to say that this game has some power to develop into something bigger.

I hope for some more races in the future releases. The self-made sound effects make it very funny. Had no issues playing with the controller, impressive experience with a game made in two days.

I'm not sure if I actually won, but if I did that's good. I didn't even bother getting multipliers because the games gets really intense along the way. Sometimes though, it seems like bullets are passing through the racket, but rarely. It is really hard to hit back the bullet in the way you want but it's not a problem since it's a feature.

The game runs very smoothly. I enjoyed good graphics and lighting effects with addition of DOOM-style music. The shotgun seems to be too overpowered because of it's range and literally no spread or damage falloff. I hope for some tutorial for begginers since I don't know if this glowing points are giving me ammunition or are some kind of checkpoints. Overall, very good looking game that needs some balancing.

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In the beginning I would like to apologize for the end of video being a desperate trying to do anything to proceed.

The game itself has a very good mechanic of a ghost being useful in coming across many gaps and doors. It took me a while to realise that I can actually use the ghost to jump on it and go ahead. The only issue I had so far is with the very loud wind in Chapter 3. I'm looking forward to play some more and encounter the boss.

Really clever idea for a game and it works smoothly even though it was made in just a week. I hope you could make an updated version with just some sound effects.

If you really want it, I think there is nothing stopping you.

Simple and fun game with some cool mechanics.

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This is the example of how to make great mobile games. No fancy graphics, no microtransactions. Instead, plenty of levels to beat.

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Wide variety of enemies and obstacles with a little challenging boss fights. I would love to see some ending animation just to add something to end the game in style. Maybe a good idea would be to also add mouse steering. Playing with keyboard is not a problem but some people prefer to use mouse because it is easier to aim this way.

Created a new topic Gameplay footage and Feedback

Incredible adventure through seemingly happy place represented by hand drawn animal characters. Rich story containing many topics and widely descripted original characters. I'm sure Parsnip Bunners deserves some love for his innocence of his actions and that he knows very little about what is really going on in this socjety. Nevertheless, he is highly desperated to achieve his goal without even thinking about what concequences it may cause. Maybe some music or more sound effects could make this adventure unforgettable and more enjoyable. Overall, great work put into art and story side of the game.

Okay. I don't want you to feel guilty but you could point it out somewhere for others.

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There is some problem with key bindings. Instead of WASD it's QZSD?!

Cute little adventure travelling through dimensions.

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With the addition of simple art style, the game is really something different from the others. A very original presentation of surreal world. Hope to see it as a full game one day

Looks promising but there could be something more about how the colors make this game complete.

Definitely more enjoyable on mobile, but still a challenge.

I feel like the only thing to fear in this entire space of black holes and shooting turrets is the damage taken from trying to land.

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If you will have to clear all the squares from monsters before fight with a boss, then you are going to have a hard time doing it.

Great game preview. The art style kind of reminds me of Don't Starve mixed with Bendy and the Ink Machine. Putting the real photo elements in the game together with the traditional animation is a really original idea.

That was a hell of a lot of fun. I think I couldn't get a better deal to beat the final stage, but unfortunately this is how dealing with the demons ends.

This robot has BRiTE mind.