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Thank You Spruce Studios!


This is awesome! i want to make a game like terraria with your artwork! It would be awesome to see different things you can do like fish or grow crops, mine ect... I am working on a simple project at the moment but i want to test my skills with these!  I will be supporting you as soon as i am able to do so. Thank you for helping out the community!

Great job you are epic at pixel art!

Can you add farming to the fantasy packs? Great work on these i really would enjoy seeing some depth added to your fantasy pack i love your style. Thank you for making these available to us.

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This is awesome, I will prototype my game with your artwork. I really enjoy your style i think your are a great artist. I will most likely buy this pack once there is a farming pack. I will lean towards a sim/building game so anything that adds depth will make this pack shine like mining, farm crops and animals which I believe you are adding already, fishing, Bounty hunting/ mob hunting. Thank you for creating this and allowing us to try it as you are creating it.  

Thank you for supporting the game community ! We appreciate you!

This is amazing! You made my century with these!

You are a legend for making these!

You are a Beast Craftpix, Thank you for supporting the game making community. You are a shining star out here. Thank you for everything you do.

The death animations are so smooth great job!

I really love this character, I was thinking of doing a topdown game but after seeing this just wow. You have great style and i am a fan of your animations and color choices. Thank you pimen!

Thank you for making this, I really like your style!

These look amazing! i want to use these but this style will be very hard to match. Great Job!

These are awesome, I might get back into construct 2, I cant afford C3. Great Job!

I really would love to make a GTA style top-down shooter with your top-down art. Will you be making art like that in the future? Also great job on this pack!

Bless You

Bless You  🙏 

Thank you so much for releasing this, I am horrible at art and feel honored to use artwork from all of you who are blessed with this talent.  Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your skills with us, Great Job!

Give This Guy A Hand!! Get It? lol Thank you for sharing these!

awesome! thank you!

Awesome Work!

Amazing Work!! This reminds me of Zelda

You have amazing pixel art saintjacky thank you for sharing your work with us!

Can i use these in my game or are they just for free prototype? i want to try and make oldschool topdown game i like your style! great job!

Thank you for posting these for us, Great work!

Thank You for making these!

Thank you, I appreciate your help greatly bless you! 

Is there a certain way I should go about making blocks look like minecraft style blocks? Similar to the grass covered dirt block.

Thank you! i appreciate you!

Thank you!

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Can you release a texture pack of this for 3D? I want to use your art in a 3D game for block textures and i can not find any textures similar to minecraft that are original, I do not want issues with copyrights. Great job on this artwork and thank you for sharing to itch.

Can i use these in a commercial game?

Is this free to use in commercial games? Great job and thank you for posting.

Thank you for creating these, Im going to use these in blender to try out the Sprytile addon.

Great Job!

Great Job! 

I will be using these once there are some attack animations added. Thank you for adding these. bless you!

Thank you for such amazing artwork

Thank you, This is amazing