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I watched the streams and really enjoyed the game.

click more info and than run away

Looks great

really great art and sound nice job noah

nice video

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you liked the game😀.

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Really awesome game! Really fun, great atmosphere, and amazing music. I bought it already on steam just thought that I should rate it here as well.

thanks! will do

Here is my game


This game has the best looking player character i have ever seen.

nice game

oh nice

Thanks, whats your highscore?

yes, that seems like a common problem, i probably should have worked that out better.

I had already played yours lol. It is visually beuitiful, and uses the theme perfectly.

Thanks! What i have noticed is that it gets more fun the longr you play, or at least for me. Also the holograms have a 50% chance if spawning instead of a zombie so i guess you were just unlucky. Anyway, thanks for the feedback and your game is awesome.

of course

thanks, ill check out yours aswell

Here is my game Holograms.

Here is my game Holograms.

Here is my game Holograms.

Here is my game Holograms.

I made this game.

Here is my game Holograms.

Here is my game.


good luck

Nice! Thanks for the comment.

Wow! Really nice game.

Can't wait for the video


Haha, nice

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I just submitted!

This is my first game jam ever! I am so happy that i just got a game done. 😃

I haven't gotten very far, but so far the game is great.

Really nice game! Uses the theme very well. The only thing i would change is adding checkpoints.

this game is awesome! Just wish that i realized i wasn't supposed to shoot the green rockets earlier ):      RIP

I keep raging