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Well, I guess I failed.

Hello World !  Indie Minds Studio Owner here,

We have released a demo of our game,called "Nights Within Zombies" ! In partnership with Storigine Studio! 

The game is about surviving waves of zombies,and avoiding letting down your people! Its in the very early release,bugs might occur, and lot of things can happen within! 

Don't judge, we are Indie Developers! 


NOTE :  If you like the game, and would help us, please click the donation button, or leave a positive comment! 


Interior :)

Leaving without a note,is obviously not a good thing,though,so stop defending him.


So, I hired up,  Fiskehoved to help us on our game, He joined us normally,started working (didn't finish first task even) Ah, He left the Discord server, blocked me right away after asking "Whats going on mate?" And, what I'm pretty much afraid of? Getting my game information leaked,some files are attached to the server, I'm pretty much in panic now,so please don't trust this guy, Fiskehoved

I repeat,don't do that! 

3D modeler !!

Do you have a Discord? Interest in horror games? About payment? Please reply as soon as you can !


I'm Alaa, indie games developer, I'm kind of new to Unity. However, I have some experience to make games especially within C#, I'm "Amateur" or even less than that, I won't lie, I'm seeking a programmer's help,who can help me,and the team to finish our game, Its basically a horror game, I made some progress in coding side and I'm more like a Modeler ! (I can make lot of models to be honest), Ah, about the team, We're 7 people, different jobs, as I like to call it, Music Composers,Modelers, Programmers and lastly Writers. About payment, I CAN NOT pay, As this developing thingy is just a hobby to all of us, so If you're the one we need, please leave a comment below ! Or contact me :

- Discord : AlaaNasro#2442

I'm not a girl,dude,chill.

He is already with us,sorry mate. Can't hire him 

Hello, I'm back, 

I'm seeking help of VA (Voice Actors) As I'm making progress at indie horror game that I'm developing alongside a team, my previous post got lot of replies,which is pretty awesome ! Thanks, now as I gathered the team,nothing left but Voice Actors, so I need 2 or 3. We're not willing to pay,since we're making this as a hobby (for fun mostly) ! 

If you're interested (Hopefully) contact me at : 

Discord : AlaaNasro#2442 

Thanks in advance! 

Reply below as well ! 

Yes,hit me up on Discord !

Up Up !

Hit Me Up On Discord : AlaaNasro#2442

Uhm yeah right, like they will actually believe some random guy acting like knowing everything,turning down younger people,calling me out a liar,wow. You didn't even give me a chance, and for those who want to join, I've the proves. :) Don't mind this jerk. 

Contact me on Discord : AlaaNasro#2442

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I'm making an indie horror game,alongside with a team,we're group of 7 people. Serious,non-paid and passion. We love game developing!
Currently, We're using Discord for easier communications.
We work for free,don't expect any revenues, maybe in further projects. We'd welcome anybody who is willing to help in any post. Just make sure that you have a Discord account!


Games : Horror.
Free or Paid ? : Free for now.
Engine: Unity3D
Genre: 3D Game.
Name: (More On Discord)
Brief description: (More On Discord)

Contact Details:

Discord: AlaaNasro#2442
Please contact through discord, or leave a comment here. Thanks in advance!

EDIT 1 : The hiring is still going! 


I'm searching for a voice actor, to make an indie horror game alongside with my team, (RandoStudio),It consists of 7 people,different jobs,one goal,to reach success,we do this for fun,more like a hobby,so don't expect to be paid,unless there is a revenue,then a Rev-Share.However,you can contact me here :

Email :

Discord : AlaaNasro#2442

Thanks,hopefully you reply! 

Hello, I'd like to have you on our team,since we're missing a Music Composer,We're non-profit studio,however,in next games we might do Rev-Share and so on, but currently we're doing this for fun,If you would like to work with us, 

Hit me up on : AlaaNasro#2442 (Discord)

Hello Trys10Studios,

We're team of 5,in need of a Music Composer, so If you would like to work with us,We'll be glad to have you alongside! We're doing this games,for fun as you like as well, So we're the best for you,

Hit me up on Discord :    AlaaNasro#2442


I'm using this board pretty much often to find some people to help me during this progress of making an indie game,however, I need a modeler, like I can't even design levels,and so on,I'm really stuck,only thing I'm good at is programming. Anyways, I'd like to have a modeler work with me!

Discord : AlaaNasro#2442

Email :

Note : I'm making this indie game for fun,no revenues I suppose, If there is any, Would share!

Writer & Voice Actor Needed :


I'm developing new Indie Horror Game, alongside with another programmer,a music composer! We're making this Project as a hobby, nothing more than that! If you are looking to get paid then I apologize for wasting your time! I'll be online much,listening to apps,either comment below,or contact me!

Contact Info:

Discord : AlaaNasro#2442

Email :

Note :
I repeat what I said before! "We're NOT looking for someone that wants to be paid! Sorry"



What do you exactly need from a programmer?!

Hit Me Up On Discord : AlaaNasro#2442

Hit me up on Discord : AlaaNasro#2442

Hit me up on Discord : AlaaNasro#2442

Add Me : AlaaNasro#2442 (Pic Of Dobby From Harry Potter)

Yes, I need one,do you have Discord?

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Edit 1 : I'm stating that I found some people that they "might" help me. I forgot something last time, I spent all the budget on Assets. However, I'm looking for someone who can work for "free" as a "hobby" ! Again all I need is : A Programmer/Modeler.

Edit 2 : Hit me up on Discord : AlaaNasro#2442



Indded,same here.

Hi Developer, My anti-virus seems to lock this game away,why?

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So I've downloaded the latest game and I've been listening to the music played over & over,nothing new yet,messing with game files meanwhile,hit me up with your theories below ! Like This !

All the theories will be written here as an Edit. For example : Edit 1 : Alaa Nasro ....

Go ahead guys ! Lets do this.

EDIT 1 : So far I only found out that the audio what you can play in the game is the song I've Got You Under My Skin by Frank Sinatra in reverse. BY : TheDreadist

EDIT 2 : The code "0" works for the final door aswell. Alaa Nasro

EDIT 3 : Well, if you want to look into the game without any problems, here is all the codes

Door One: 6391

Door Two: 4692

Door Three : 5874

Door Four : 8496

Door five : 0000

ski33y + LordBaaa

Would like to. I'll hit you up when I do it.

Thanks for your reply!

The game basic is that A = 1... B = 2 and so on. Well, to make it up to 780 (Full Score) , You need 30 time Z repeated. This is it (Confirmed). As I'm a developer, I can confrim this,and no more theories ! The developer is smart to make around 1K people dig about theories and so on,while the game coding is another thing (Simple as much as I can see).

Hope I didn't ruin your party guys.


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I've downloaded this game 1 hour ago,I haven't discover anything new. But I've used some tricks I know to get the main code of the game,right now,am analyzing it. Maybe I'll find the game solution..?


EDIT 1 : Nothing useful,pretty much no sense sentences. Back to the game,learning about the alphabet meanings,and more about the Clock?! Any hints?

EDIT 2 (Confirmed) :

The game basic is that A = 1... B = 2 and so on. Well, to make it up to 780 (Full Score) , You need 30 time Z repeated. This is it (Confirmed). As I'm a developer, I can confrim this,and no more theories ! The developer is smart to make around 1K people dig about theories and so on,while the game coding is another thing (Simple as much as I can see).

Hope I didn't ruin your party guys.