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okay i started over cause I really wanted to see the end of the game and this time I was bullied by a pack of foxes that got stuck together like some multi-headed monster and kept shoving me whenever I tried to stand still, LMAO

This is so nice and peaceful! I like feeling like the guardian of this forest, guiding its slow recovery. Before any bunnies appeared, one little fox walked up to me and started following me around. It was like it had wandered into my forest and it stayed close, like a pet, and stuck with me until it died. That was sad but also very sweet. I do wonder why there's so much empty space? I got extremely lost looking for more things to do, wandered around the edge a while and discovered that the world is  a VERY strange shape, no wonder I couldn't find the way back to my house or the big tree or any landmark. For a while I kept going back and forth, bumping into the edge of the world and turning back to try and find the center, only to hit the other edge without finding a single thing. Currently I am lost in a totally empty space and kind of considering giving up because I don't know if I'll ever be able to find the foxes or any more plants to help... But I really want to finish the game! I'm invested and I wanna see it turn all green I just seriously can't find anything right now. I'll keep trying a while longer...

Lovely!! I like that it doesn't slow down like most idle games. The flock of birds was funny but I was sad that I couldn't see the completed trees.

Thanks for making this! <3

I found a bug: when I restarted using f10, it cleared the buildings, but kept my accumulated resources, their relative storage capacities, and the increased prices of everything from before the reset.

I've noticed that almost all the creatures on my island have poor sensory perception. based on watching the short life of the one species that did have perfect perception, I think this is because in such a small space, creatures that can see too far can usually see a zomb or other danger, so they're too stressed to breed. does that mirror anyone else's observations?

that's super helpful! thanks!

any chance you could use your powers of math to give the rest of us hints on finding the secret endings? I'm caught in a true-ending loop.

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This was extremely cathartic. Enjoy prison, ******!

Okay, thanks for the very short demo, where do i go to find the rest...?

this is so silly and i like it so much

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I was excited to play this, but all the motion blur made it really hard to enjoy. I don't want to stay in this feeling forever, because this feeling is a headache. :(

Maybe a settings menu is in order?

The worldbuilding in this is incredible. Really, really fantastic work.

thanks for this. <3