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Gets boring after a while. You should ramp up the difficulty as you go!

There are some situations you simply cant get out of. Otherwise cool!

EX: rocks fallling directly on top of you, blocking your landing/jump zone(yes i tried boost)

My best: 229

Nice :) Another ProcGen. Haven't seen many procgen platformers before. GJ

Does it ever end?

Fun! But too hard for me.... Couldnt get past the 1st level. Hard to remember which key goes to which heart when they're swinging around.

Interesting... It gets sort of difficult quickly though.

Hard... Couldn't seem to shoot right

Cool, but the controlls are really hard.

Didn't have the time..... Was going to have other worms.

For some reason i thought there'd be nine levels too XD

If there's any way to add more content to this you should. I like having to do fast keypresses like that, you should probably do a difficulty rampup.

This could actually be a pretty nice game, (it already is, but) you should add some more levels, and i would try them all. good idea for the controls.

Cool game. nice how spamming dosent work ;)

Quite fun. Advice: make the dificulty curve a bit more shallow.... couldnt get past #6(or was it 5)

Yea, thanks

Cant get through the wall after the porta

A suggestion: Make the player a bit faster. It's quite hard to defend. Otherwise it's a nice game :)

The first puzzle i've seen in the jam! And it's an interesting one too :)

Note that you should mention how L/R arrows work too.

Adding more levels would be nice. I like the movement, and the having to land at the right angle thing was a good idea.

A hard game... Also, you cant see the player or the water to catch behind the flooding area. not sure if this is intentional.

Quite confusing. Keymashing during combat ends it very quickly, and the combat music (all 3 songs) started randomly playing (at the same time) ~5 minutes after a fight.

You should add a block to make it so you cant hold both keys at once. Instant win.... I like the SFX though.

It gets boring after a while. Can you loose? And you seem to be able to sell stuff you dont actually have....

It's difficult. Very fast paced. Not my style, but it's cool.

Got stuck at that portal. How do I get past it?

What's the difference between blue and orange HP below the enemies?

The food sneaks up on you. you should probably change it to a vertical aspect ratio.

I got stuck on the no going back level. Again, like a lot of other games in the jam, a concept not seen often before. There was a game called "circles of hell" or something that sort of reminded me of this though. And you beat it's quality with <1 week of work. Good job :D

The bat moves relatively slow. It's an interesting concept though. It's hard to avoid the weapons. I enjoyed the fact that the actual file name is, yknow....

Found a bug: the player is effectively removed from the game and becomes insubstantial. Otherwise, the gameplay feels really natural.

I'mjust plain not good at this. A bit fast for me, and its really hard to dodge enemy shots.

Interesting movement, but I'm not sure what the goal of the non-tutorial part is... Stay alive as long as possible?

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Could've probably used more time. Gets repetitive after a while. You should make it easier to die.

Never seen anything like it. The hard part is hitting the button a beat after the noise, and not while its playing. nice :)

The ice dosen't do anything. What is the point of it? Mabe add a bit more gameplay? A certain number of guests to hit? I dunno


I never managed to get very far. Some suggestions:

  • Make it easier to let go/grab again. Give us more wiggle room
  • Enable holding down the keys. I personally don't like mashing.
  • Make the delay shorter when you die(find it annoying for some reason :P)

Interesting... I don't like how the game resets after 6 levels, and theres honestly not much difficulty to it. The unavoidable yellow one got me for a while before i realized I couldn't hit it.

Cool game, but possibly add more content. EX: spikes, climbing up above a certain height(tile the ceiling), etc... Definitely fun.

Ended up playing it for a while with my brother. Good idea to add the two player mode! I can't see how you could improve that much on this, because it's a nice game over all.

It's a difficult game. You could probably make it better by making the player movement faster though