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Sorry to hear that. But i'm sure we can work most of the bugs out over the coming weeks!

Even restarting the game didn't help? Do you maybe have different input devices on your PC? The game might have a problem taking mouse /keyboard inputs while a controller is connected to your machine.

I enjoyed every second of this game! Really well done! I love the visuals and music.

So, just played your game too, now that i have the time =D and man was the sarcophagus level a hard nut to crack. But i did it! the level after that was much easier after that one.

I first thought that the game was buggy when i couldn't move in some directions, but that's my fault because i don't read manuals =P But after i figured that one out, it was a really cool puzzle game. I was hoping for more levels!

We're working on some ideas. But you are kind of correct. Both of us studied game design here in germany. =D

Thanks! We're always giving 100% =)

Thank you for that detailed feedback! We will try that shield stacking now =D we had the idea ourselves before but i guess we just forgot it. so now, we're working on it.

And thanks again for your kind words!