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Sounds good. Best of luck!

You can definitely use gamemaker. The goal of this game jam is to show developers how little is needed to make a good game. If you're using gamemaker then I'd suggest trying to make art/audio as simply as possible. Really though, I won't force you to use some tool you're not confortable with.

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I guess what I meant is that I found your page on ItchIO and couldn't find your game of the ldjam website. However, after posting I saw the top of the page...and the link... sorry to trouble you.

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Not Apollogising, could you add the link to the game's page on the ludum dare website? I found your game on itch and it's difficult to reliably search for a specific game on the jam website. 

Thanks for making this game. I'll give a better reply on the ludum dare page.

 Here's my game:

could you put a link to your ludum dare page in the description so people can still vote if they find your game on itch?

could you put a link in the description to your ludum dare page? That way people who find you on itch can still vote for your game on the ludum dare site.

could you put a link to your project page on the ludum dare website? I played your game and would love to give a rating and some feedback.

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So it's ~30 minutes to the end of the jam and my game is still uploading...very slowly. Will I be able to submit the game after the jam "ends" or is it a hard cutoff? I've already got the game made it's just taking a long time to upload and it's stressing me out. Thanks in advance for your advice.

In preparing for the corgi jam I found a flaw for my team. None of us have access to a corgi. While it is possible to go to a facility that houses dogs and record individual dogs, I had perhaps a better idea. On this thread, users can post links to soud files they've recorded of their dog(s) so that people without dogs can still easily participate in the jam. I intend to post to this thread when I've had time to record some barks and sounds from my dog. 

Best of luck to all in the jam!

Written to Latana Games/Kim Kogut

I am a bit confused by the outline of this jam. The concept looks awesome and I'm excited to participate, but I'm unsure what kinds of rules are in place. Specifically,What kind sof rulings are there for using prewritten code, audio or textures (code not made during the jam)? What are the rulings on use 3rd party assets? Will there be any more specifications to the theme other than having a corgi in the game? These are just a fe questions I and I'm sure others would want to know before entering into the competition.