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so eerie :0 I liked the enviroment, and exploring trying to find the souls. The music was really good, and but I didn't manage to complete the game because I got too spooked D: congratulations on making the game in a week though, its very good and well polished :)

thank you for the feedback :) 

:0 this is a very surreal game, I like the vibes 10/10, though poor mum, she is sick D: 

such a nice game :) I love the message, and the art is very nice. Also, I know you didn't make this game directly for me but, thank you for making this game, positive games like this really help me feel better :)

good game :D personally I found using Q and D instead of A and D a little odd at first, but eventually got used to it :) The different shape character designs are interesting and unique, and the lighting is cool :0

cool game :D I liked the pixel art when each character is introduced, especially the monster ones they looked really cool :) Gameplay was fun, I liked playing using the different abilities, made gameplay more unique

nice game :D I liked that the enemy spoke, added a little bit of humour when we overcome the challenges :D the pixel art is also nice, good job :D

so nice :o I felt bad sacrificing my slime friends because they were cute D: I enjoyed the calm music and vibes :3 Like other players, I also found the camera difficult to use, but overall the game was nice to play :D

apes together strong >:)

yay monkes got bananana 10/10 game 

thank you :D

nice game :o I love the music, really fits the robotic theme :D the background art is also so nice, the moving clouds and colours look cool. I enjoyed destroying the structures using the different abilities >:3 

nom nom nom >:3 I enjoyed playing your game and gathering an army of fish to help me eat any fish in my path >:D 

tough game but I enjoyed playing :D I didn't manage to finish because I got stuck but I did like the pixel art, and the music choice is also good :3 Good job :D

nice game :D I love the grainy looking background, and the general aesthetic of the game :D like other people have said, this really feels professional which is really cool that you made this in the jam time. The music chosen also is nice, and makes the gameplay more fun :) 

thank you :D

so sweet :o this game is great, and innovative :3 I like the story between each level, and the animations with the text moving :D 

nice game :D I love the player sprites and enemies, they look so cute :o music and sound effects are also nice :D good job :3

thank you :D

thank you :D

:o that is an interesting game, it took me a bit of time to figure out what was happening but once I did, I enjoyed solving the puzzles :D I like the design of the characters, and the fireworks that go off are cool, makes it more rewarding to win :D good job :) 

thank you for the feedback :D

:0 this is a very creative idea, I enjoyed playing :D I also like the art, the colours are nice and the pink/red and the purple background look great. good job :D

pop :D thank you for providing a link so we can play :) I liked the exploding particles when the balloons pop :D Gameplay was fun, I liked how it got more fast paced over time, good job :D

yay nice, I played and it was fun :D I liked the mechanic of creating clones, though it would have been nice to be able to switch between the clones but thats oki because we can just push them around >:D good job, and thank you for providing a link to download

thank you :D yeah, the jump turns into more like floating at points :o

thank you :D

thank you :D

Thank you :D

thank you :D

thank you <3 

thank you for the feedback :D and yeah :o the friends following would be very neat, though very sad if they follow you even when you fall D: poor friends 

thank you for the feedback :D

thank you :0

thank you :D

thank you for the feedback :D I used the Fluffy brush on FireAlpaca to draw my characters / their outlines :3

thank you for the feedback :D I haven't heard of that game but I shall check it out >:3 

thank you :D

thank you :D

thank you for the feedback :D If I had extra time / revisited this idea, I would add crouch and double jump abilities I think :3

thank you for the feedback :D