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Inane Cat

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Good Game :) I liked the graphics, very nice

nice :) I'm looking forward to playing more levels

Thank you for your feedback :) 

short and sweet... or should I say cold? heh

short but sweet... or should I say cold? heh


big uwu


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I love this series of games :)

epic game. lots of fun, i loved throwing my characters across the checkout just for a sweet $2 saving on a banana and watching themselves destroy infrastructure like it was made out of twigs.

I like the graphics and that it doesn't take a while for the crops to go, however I would like to know how long it does cost and it took some time for me to figure out the controls, however that could be just me. <- here are my chickens!! I love them all

I love this game so much! The chickens are so cute, and its so sweet how they interact with each other as if they are talking!! I also like how they can smash the pumpkins during the mini-game, it makes it so much easier to get money.