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Blocks 6.9 community · Created a new topic ummm, ok?

the custom cursor literally takes up a quarter of the screen

i literally unzipped it and launched it

i literally unzipped it and launched it



Yeah, I guess I could try!

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no everyone except you be spittin straight facts

wow you SERIOUSLY are a genius

wow you really are a genius

wow you are a genius

it does work, i got it working

He isn't dead!

I guess I could try! It would be a great learning experience!

Not sure, and if I could I wouldn't be able to test it as I don't actually own a PI

By that do you mean as another game, or in Doors?

Hey thanks bro!  I'm glad you are enjoying it! :)

C# is what it is coded in

nice idea

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Hey! A new era of doors is coming out soon - Doors 21! Comment any suggestions for the game in this community topic. I look forward to hearing your ideas! :)

Cunsus kart community · Created a new topic cheese

i like cheese. cheese tastes good. epic people eat cheese.

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Hey, I have played with my friend and loved it! I am on Mac and he is on Windows so I can confirm this game IS cross platform.


Sorry about that. The game is discontinued and dated. I haven't added a feature to save the choice and it will never come. Thanks for playing my game, anyway! :)

Is it every time you open the game?


Working on it my guy!

Doors :o

i know, thanks so much

I know right! There are so many people saying this is a bad game, but it's not a game. It's a mod installer I have had a good experience with.

because its not a game, its a mod installer

Vehicle God forever community · Created a new topic WOW!

How did you make those drifting physics!? They are so SMOOTH! I would love to know and try to implement it in one of my games!

I understand if you don't want to share your drift physics script, thanks!


It's not a game, just buy minecraft

Get more practice.

A Lamborghini is not a drift car. It won't get added.

Mac build doesnt load on 10.13.6