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Really great! Shame about the forced ESDF layout, really makes an otherwise perfect game just a tad less fun.

This was so neat! This could be a great little game if you had more time and added more to it. Looking forward to playing more games from you!

This was fucking dope. I can see this MAKING IT.

I think you could make it so the backgrounds are less eyecatching/saturated or whatever, so you can read the foreground stuff more easily. Sometime's it's not immediately obvious what's interactable or not because everything has the same level of detail.

The music is great. The juice is on hecking point.

I'm not a fan of the cooldowns and shit. It kinda breaks the flow.

Some of the textures on the 3D models are pretty terrible.

I really like the direction where this is headed. Keep it up!

This is great! Good job!

Special Edition DX when


delete this


Thanks! You could get more by buying the weapon again. I'll be updating the game in the future!

I'd like to expand upon it. Right now it's buggy as heck, and it was made in like 5 days? I'm not sure if it really does have potential, though. I really want it to.

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Great job! Really comfy game.

Would be better if you had more control over attacks and stuff, it doesn't feel very responsive! The visual effects are awesome, though, gj on those shaders