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or click on the link in the description that says Modern Mindustry

This is the really old version of the game, if you look up mindustry in the search bar you can find the new version and you can make your own maps on the new version

intresting save year

Who said its supposed to be easy?

found an error trying to save.

I like sandbox

Nope, the normal version of the game is on mobile too

who is that yellow unkillable guy, and WHY?

I shot a chair and summoned an invincible enemy

I have the same thing

all that right outside the area border

I had to leave the game and reload twice to make it work


Game crashes when trying to load past the start screen. Any idea why?

the enter button


GreyStillPlays made a video on your game (not me)

over time all your changes go away

the start screen reloads itself over and over when i press play on the browser version. any ideas why?

i finished the game and it is amazing! thank you for making this!

they are com codes not commands

i do like the game anyways

is it normal to sit to long and loose the game

Is thare an end?

please make a chrome OS version of the game. Pleas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!