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how do i use thiss on steam/oculus vr

This works very well, and i like this style of the game. A few suggustens, is make the game launch w/ steamvr. That is the main pcvr platform for people using headsets other then oculus. 2: Add 3d models (if possible) The game seems very weird without any 3d models. As well as ragdoll physics for enimes. (Experiensed on vive cosmos)


Can you add steamvr support? I would love to play this in vr.

Im using a vive cosmos.

this looks really fun! altho i cant play it because im on  vive cosmos :(

we need pcvr support ;-;

then, that mean, you dont have a good enough pc. 

Isnt launching, (vive) 

please, make this a pc vr port. i need to play this .-.

How do i play the demo on pc vr?

This is the best game on itch right now I am so buying it when it comes out on steam :D