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I got into the game this time, actually in the browser and through the executable. It locked up at different points on each platform, though. In the browser it locked up right after I got the hat from Joules. In the executable it locked up right after he leaves the ship to go on the first mission. I tried a couple times in each. The browser one worked in Chrome, but not through the itch client on the page.

I'm not super savvy with such things, but this is as far as it gets for me

can't get it to work!

I won! I wish leaving a real party to go play games was this fun.....he said, pretending he's had real parties to leave to go play games. grats on the solo jam and the art and the early submission!

oops, I meant title in the sense that it's one of the titles (games) submitted to the game jam. The name is great, sorry for the confusion.

Most excellent. I feel sea sick. I haven't felt sea sick on an actual boat, but then none of them were being sucked into space.

Probably my favorite. I saw your posts and thought it would just be a feast for the eyes (which it is. Somehow the level looks even better than the character), but the theme is perfect. You not only want your space, but you want to get back to the elements you couldn't finish to get to the punch lines. Really great all around. Thanks for sharing!

This is crazy cool. Do you have future plans for it? You should. Did you draw inspiration from any other games for the mechanics? Also, how is this a game jam title?

One of my favs from the jam. Love the art and the physics (the way the asteroids just bounce around off of your ship harmlessly, and the way the ship feels like it's on a string being pulled into space). I don't know how you playtested the space part, because that camera hurts me something fierce. I found it funny that the character was talking about relaxation while my stomach turned.  Don't get me wrong, I love it, it just hurts.

Not a fair fight. Just the way I like it. Cheers on your first jam, it's mine too. Hope to see you in my next one.

Obviously needs more development in the environment as the game is about delivering an emotional experience, but it does, and though a little empty for now, it feels big. There's a lot of space here, and I really liked the slow dive, camera changes, art and sound. Thanks for sharing!

I love the entire space sequence. The skybox, hacking the ship with my cutlass, and of course the cat would get the treasure chest. Also the star particles coming off the chest. I actually stopped when the third wave spawned the first time, but I wanted to see if there was more since the characters were cool and came back to it. Glad I did. Thanks for sharing!

Wonderfully direct application of the theme. And I like that the logo is definitely not Space Jam :) Like others have said, this could totally be a real thing with some polish. My first playthrough I enjoyed it, but I didn't know where I was headed. I played it again and enjoyed it a lot more since I knew how to launch myself. I think being able to zoom out to plan your jump would be a big fun factor...factor. I bet if I'd made it I would know the game too well to even consider it. Bottom line: I beat the game twice and will play more if more there one day is. Thanks for sharing it!

Are the enemies coming from the sea? cause that would be aces! I'm going to say that they were either way. I actually think this should be more or less the whole concept. I love the idea of a very limited crafting system with waves of enemies (maybe that get increasingly difficult each night cycle, creating a soft time limit) that you have to craft around defeating based on their type. You're simultaneously collecting parts to fix the ship, but the catch is you can only give it enough juice to hop to the next island. Each island has it's own unique flair, and each gets you closer to "getting off this stinkin' rock" or something :) Also I wanted the high ground for fear of an unseen enemy over the ridge, which I thought was a cool feeling for such a small game to give me (and a good way to leverage the island level).

nice mix of classic arcade feel on a modern landscape. Could be made into a very fun twin stick game with some extra development. I'd particularly like to see a little more of the terrain and feel more power from the weapon (taller characters so the shots don't get intercepted by terrain as easily?). Of course you'd want waves of different enemies and powerups and stuff, but I think that in terms of mechanics, a camera more overhead and maybe a button to make the world semi-transparent to see enemies/powerups would build a stronger foundation. Thanks for sharing it!

awesome atmosphere. It was a great prelude. Almost feels like a space bugs anime mixed with moby dick. I didn't quite get the combat, but it felt like the point was to have a point and click with tactical combat and potential for robust rpg management, and that's an exciting idea. Great work!

good variety in the puzzles. I feel your pain on the asset creation. This was my first jam, and I kept catching myself drifting to the aspects of developement that suited me, falling farther and farther behind in level building. Your work in the mechanics and puzzles implementing them shows. Cheers on the submission and to finding people to make the music for us so we can play with mechanics and design!

Love me some Andy Asteroids! Cool twist on an endless runner. One of my favs from the jam. Thanks for creating it!

fun concept. I knew what to do immediately which is cool, but I felt like I was launching to the next bubble blind the first time through. I played through it a couple times and enjoyed it more the second time. I think this was because I knew roughly what lay ahead. Maybe if you add more to this you can have a button to zoom out for a second to plan your jumps. Great job and even as  an early submission it feels very complete!

Cool concept. An automatic dive/rise at a button press or even as the intro to the level would be nice. You'd still have to keep track of how long it takes to dive when deciding how long to stay down. Possibly other collectibles required to complete a mission aside from treasure to make the decision even harder (i.e. 2/3 shipwreck pieces collected). Treasure could upgrade dive time and speed of movement, making it hard to leave behind for the 'mission objectives.' Also gotta have a spear gun on a line to pull yourself around quick or take down the shark!

Perfect excuse to use a square for a character, and a really original 'building' concept. I didn't like having a time limit, but it had to be there for the jam I guess. I didn't get far enough to see all the applications for the block placing, but it seems really flexible to maybe block projectiles or even safeguard lemmings-like npcs in an escort mission. I think  being able to manipulate the block would be cool, perhaps through intentionally dying by touching a lethal liquid that has the side effect of inflating your blocky corpse to 3x the size, or one making you bouncy or  sticky for other platforming opportunities. You could extend the mechanics by playing physics interactions that work one way when you hit the environment and another when you hit your dropped blocks. Also, there needs to be some sort of flood of the boxes at some point. It's required. Thanks for sharing this.

I just got the strangest feeling that it was 1997 again.

Also, don't keep me in suspense. What are these creatures and can they be killed?

I've never felt more like a spinning murder top, but I've never clicked outside a game window more either. From the screenshots I though you dashed along the blood streams like a slip n slide, which should absolutely be its own game, by the way. I never felt in control, and I wanted to so badly, because just trying to be in control was fun (I'm getting Rocket League flashbacks). I think you should get one dash and have to wait to dash again till you reach a wall or whatever exactly made me stop mid-dash. That thing should have a clash sound and an animation, too. A second dash could be marked with another right click and shown with some sort of trail like in a billiards game. I know these are unreasonable things to expect from a jam game, but they'd be cool additions.

wow.  I definitely didn't just get to level 6, and I definitely didn't just die 100 times on it before I stopped figuratively stabbing myself in the eyes. also that was a lot of fun. also I might hate you. At first I thought "this is impossible." I had no idea what pain was then. Those were simpler times. I hate to say this, but you might be on to something here. Maybe if you have plans to add more to this: 

-delay between firing regular weapon

-enemies take fewer hits

-a light beacon or something wherever it is a) safe from falling or b) not! I actually got to where I liked having to juggle the platforming and shooting, even against the ridiculous green triangle things, but an indicator letting you not look down would still leave tons of difficulty in making the perfect jump constantly.

-don't make me die sooooo much sooo fast :) a couple levels where  I don't have someone spawn on me with seemingly nowhere to go would be cool (though I could see that having been exactly the point)


The aesthetics alone put this with the best of the entries. I feel like teaming up with someone for the gameplay would have been unfair, but I wish that were the case anyway to have gotten to play this polished in the areas people are mentioning. I think there was a conflict with the movement style and the falling blocks. I'm sure there are closer comparisons, but I kept thinking of Frostbite from the Atari 2600! This might have been hard on a short time leash, but a hopping system that jumped from tile to tile automatically and a larger map might have been aces. The dash could be replaced with a 'big hop' or something. Didn't really matter though, because this felt like an art / animation tech demo anyway, which totally worked for me.

I like it a lot, and I can see how it could just get better and better as new things are added. I didn't get it at a glance, so I just started playing, so it's definitely something you can jump straight into, but not necessarily with comprehension for a bit. That wasn't a big deal though, since it is immediately satisfying and kept me wanting to figure it out. When I did I wanted to get a better score, which was cool too. I think what held me back from figuring it out is the stuff I'm sure would change with more time to work on it: the display of the current quest, maybe a quick highlight of the current target upon grabbing a quest, and more ominous countdown. Seems like there are loads of ways to add incremental growth, different areas, special quests, etc. If a person wanted to go real crazy they could make it multiplayer with 'garbage' spawned on the enemy map for combos and such. It felt quick and puzzle-y enough for that. Oh, and with the obstacles it could be cool to have fetch quests with npcs on one tile and the thing to get somewhere else on the map. ok I'm done thanks for sharing this!

really cool. any plans on adding to it sometime? maybe limit the number of dashes with a pickup that gives a dash back. could introduce waves with unique patterns. could do a delay between dashes with a dodge mechanic on a cooldown. anyway, it was immediately fun and sparked imagination.  great job!