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Impoqo Games

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Hi N1gh7R4v3n! We are not aware of this bug.  What version of the game are you playing? 

If you want, send us an email to info@impoqogames.com and we will send you a build in .zip format instead of .rar

Hi theinferno!

First time we know about that. Does it happen on Windows or Mac version?

Hey Pilna!

  • We will check the stairs, we are still modeling the house so there is a lot of things to improve. We'll add your report to our to-do list.
  • Yes, we know  about the bug of flying objects, it is something that we plan to correct in the following versions, but for now we will leave because it is a funny bug!

Thank you for your reports Pilna, that means a lot of us and do not worry about your English, we do not speak well either hahah (we are Spanish).

Au revoir et merci!

Created a new topic The Official Bug Report Thread

A potion has bitten you? A plant has run away when you water it? Use this section to report it!

Hey Tichothewolf! You are right, we will add it to our tasklist for the next updates.  Thank you!

Thank you Bandikins! We like that you enjoy the game, every week we update it with new content.

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thanks leafshade, the correct number for the real release notes is 0.0.10. 

Hi Thanatos! How are you? Yeah, we want to implement a HUGEvariety of plants, elemental potions and other surprises ;) But for the moment we are 2 people here making this game on free time, be patient, this has only started!

Thank you for your suggestions.


Funny video bro! Thank you for playing it! As you see, its a very very early version of the game, we are working very hard for adding new features for each update. Cheers!

hahah we know it :D its a funny glitch right?

Thanks for playing our game, it make us very happy. It'strue that it needs a lot of work, we are working every week to optimize the mechanics and add new beautiful things

Tomorrow we will publish the devblog with the changes of this last version (0.0.7) but yes, basically the changes have been referring to the graphics, the alembic and the plants of fire.

We dedicate our free time to develop the game in the evenings, since during the day we have other jobs and obligations.

We would like to bring out some amazing stuff with each update, but we want to do things right and we have to improve a lot the current mechanics of the game before starting new ones.

Thank you for your interest Thanatos


We are working hard to publish the next update in a few hours. Thank you very much for your involvement in development, people like you are the ones who motivate us to continue!

Nice video Shadowstorm! We are currently working two people in the game, we will bring new flowers as soon as we can ^^. Thanks for hanging out in Alchemy Garden! Cheers!

What is the box on the side of the house for?

For the moment, it is a box in which every day a new object appears. We still do not have the mechanics of mining, collection and creation of potions, so every day something new falls inside the box to overcome these shortcomings.

How many seed combos are there?

In the version 0.0.6 you can only mix the standard seeds with the green potions, in future versions you will be able to mix seeds with each other.

We plan to include a lot of variety of plants, as we use the concept of alchemy, we want to play with the elements of nature, fire, ice, earth, air etc ... We have thought of using potions with elements. In future versions you can create flowers of fire and ice.

Whats with the purple bottle by the cauldron?

In version 0.0.7 you can craft potions in a alembic, that purple bottle is decorative element of the alchemy table. Click on the link to see the alembic! https://twitter.com/rubenizquierdo8/status/861710310528430081

Hello Thanatos! We understand that the game may seems a bit confusing, we are in the middle of development stage and we have to improve things a lot. The main idea is simple: enjoy your garden, collect seeds from outside and mix them on the table of alchemy to create new plants. We update the game every week and we include new things, new potions and new playable mechanics. If you would like to see something specific in the game you just have to ask for it and we will try to implement it. Of course, any questions you have will be happy to solve it. Cheers!

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Thank you JokerHero!! Cool video bro, this things motivate us for doing more stuff for the game. Cheers!

Created a new topic Thank you all!

Hello! The game has liked and that makes us very happy. We did not expect so many people love our prototype. Therefore we have decided to continue with the development and produce the complete game. We are open to any criticism or suggestion.


Hi svengzer, do you get any specific error messages?

Thank you kevIn009, we are working very hard for bring new updates!

We have checked in our computers and there are no problems with the Windows version, maybe the problem is on your computer. This Thursday we will launch a new update, we hope it works for you.

Hi JokerHero! Thank you very much for playing it ^^ Updates very soon! (Good idea the fire plant)

Hi Yoshi! What version are you trying to run? Windows or Mac?

Hi Kommander! Thank you for your comment. We will try to do better with each update. Suggestions are welcome, greetings!

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Hi Tripleflipb!

For now the flowers can not be harvested. The main goal of the game is relax and decorate the garden with flowers. You can create new seeds on the alchemy table, mixing them with catalysts. This is a prototype / experiment developed in a week for Slow Game Jam. If we see that people like the game we will develop the complete game with many more features.
Thanks for playing!

Hi Ulraf! Thanks for your comment. We are working on a update that will fix some serious bugs.