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Wow, I never want to do that again! 
Great work! 

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7/6/2018 4:35
Hey guys! Welcome to the Windows development log. This log will be kept short, sweet, and to the point, and will be showcasing my progress on the title I'm crafting for the 2018 Summer Awful Jam, Windows

The theme was just announced a few hours ago, and I've already gotten a solid concept for the game worked out, and plan on prototyping it in the morning. Good luck to all the other participants! 

Goodnight, Yall 

Watch + Jam community · Created a new topic Theme?

Jam started hours ago, but as of 6/30/2018 11:14, no theme has been announced. Dead Jam? 

The Jam description states that you have to use the listed assets, but for Unity only? 

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Thank You! 

The controls locking up is a known bug, and we are working diligently to fix it 

In the meantime, you can use the W and S keys instead 

Thank you for the feedback!

Feel free to leave a rating for the game when you get the chance :) It is greatly appreciated!

There is no way this was done in 5 days 
This looks incredible, guys 
Ill be playing this one immediately 

Great game overall, but it has some problems. As others have stated, its incredibly common to get caught on random, small objects. My second issue is that your choice to not pick up a weapon is overridden once you go to the next level. Game looks great, the sounds and effects are fantastic
I rate it 8/10 
~ Kool Kid

F****ing hell. Leave me be.
First jumpscare got me hard, man. The gameplay was great, the objective was easily understood, and the jumpscares are great. Would have appreciated some ambient noise though. 
9/10 , would play full game
~ Kool Kid

Animation, Modeling, and game mechanics shine in this game. The lock on system worked well enough, and the level design was great. The overall aesthetic of the game is fantastic. Although, the animations and sound could ave used a little more variety to avoid the odd look and sound when spamming attacks.  
While on the topic of attacks, do the enemies attack at all? I noticed you have a healthbar, but mine never went down, even while standing still by an enemy. 
Great game overall, I rate it  8/10
~ Kool Kid

Game had a fantastic look and feel. Would have been far better with a little more ambient noise tough. One of my main complaints, like others have pointed out, it kind of leaves you out to dry. Personally,  It didnt take me very long to figure out how the bones and tombstone portals worked, but I can understand why others were confused. 
Also, a subtle headbob can do wonders. 
I rate it 8.5/10
~ Kool Kid

Game looks great, and the idea was great, but the execution wasn't fantastic. The controls were  absolutely abysmal  wonky to say the least in my experience with this game. Would have loved some kind of sound as well.
I rate it 5/10 ~ Kool Kid

Seemed to have a few framerate issues, not sure why though. The gameplay was okay, but having the combination of enemies having one hp and being able to spam sword swings makes it a little too... easy, for lack of a better word. 
The overall look of the game was great, and the soundtrack was fantastic. The animations were clean enough, and the level design was fine. Would have loved the game a bit more with freelook though, but thats more personal preference more than anything.  Great game overall! 
~ Kool Kid