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The game is short but I fell in love with it anyways, I like the creepy feeling of being watched at all times and the different endings. I like that the game makes you theorize about what's REALLY going on when you do the bad ending.  Consider watching the video and if you enjoy it, subscribe to my channel. 

This is a game I can find myself playing a lot in my free time. It's simple yet fun, I really enjoyed my time playing it. And will continue to play it off screen as well.

Consider watching the video where I play this game third!

I enjoyed this game, it was surprisingly more difficult than I expected. Though it frustrated me a little that I kept loosing it was still so much fun. What a unique idea, keep up the wonderful game development.

Consider watching the video where I play this game second!

I loved this little gem, it was funny and full of life. What a cute little project. Consider watching the video where I play this game first, and show off just how wonderful it really is! Thanks for the game!

I have so much to say about this game, it was completely amazing. I love pixel art games, I like the twist at the end, I like the darkness in it. I like everything about it, keep up the great got a follow from me.

If you're still reading this great, I hope you check out the video. But that's not what I'm here to talk about. I have theory regarding this game. SPOILER ALERT AHEAD. 

I think the old lady died and bled out when her legs got cut off. But she was so determined to get revenge that her soul lingered on and she was zombified(hence why she is green now and wasn't in the flashbacks) until finally these people from her past walked in her old tavern and she got her revenge. I may just be overthinking this whole story but I couldn't stop thinking about how you could see her skeleton when she went down in the ship which obviously isn't a human thing that could happen. If you made it this far, please feel free to sub to my channel.

I enjoyed the game a lot, it was a fun short little horror trip. I was on edge the whole time, keep up the awesome job. 

This game was so much fun, I enjoyed myself so much. Thank you for making the game. I liked it so much I had my girlfriend try it when I was done play.

I only died as much as I did because of my own idiocy lol.

I had so much fun playing this game, for a second I didn't think I would be able to beat it because how low my health got. Keep up the great work, I wanted to play more but sadly every great game has to end.

I loved playing this game, was a bit more difficult getting away from the blue fish than I first expected. I definitely went into it thinking it'd be easy. The game is fun and relaxing and I well worth the play. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good indie game.

I played part of the game and I already love it. The character are so full of life and it makes you really want to help them and connect with them. Keep up the awesome work!