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cool little game!

really cool and well made game! 

cool little game! 

this was a really cool game, i haven't seen anything like this before! super creepy!

cool game!

cool little game, wish it was abit longer!

really cool game, super creepy and i like the idea. in your next game please think more about the checkpoint placement, its not fun having to do stuff again if you die. 

this was super creepy, loved the style! will look out for the full game

really great game! super greepy! 

this was a fun little game! 

really nice game! super creepy and visuals are really nice 

forgive me, I didn’t know it was for a game jam, also as I read back on my commend it doesn’t seem abit rude lol sorry it wasn’t meant to be. I liked the settings and the visuals and the gameplay is fine for the short amount of time spent on the game! 

really good little game and super creepy. i do wish there was a few more creepy sounds in the woods or something but still good. the game is so dark. please pump up the flash light brightness in future games, it was very hard to navigate the woods. (i know i have big lights on my face that make it worse but still) 

meh nothing happnes till u get all the tapes then it doesnt matter if you die. would be scarier and more fun if the monster was chasing you all along. nice looking game but just not fun or scary. 

creepy game! just wish it had more scaryness to it! will look out for part 2 ! 

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fun little game, jump scares got me lol 

cool little game. i enjoyed figuring out how to do the other ending but died just before i did it. did feel abit random but still fun 

as someone who is dyslexic i struggled with this game. i did enjoy it but the reading was way to much. i also got to the end with the chest and didn't have the key, no idea how to get it so just didnt finsh the game. pretty frustrating not knowing how to get the key. i know this is a me problem but just thought id share my experience.

really liked this. maybe the second trash picking up part was a bit long but a good interesting game! the duck also scared me lol.

really good game! super creepy! 

cool little game. wish it was longer and had more to it though.

super cool and creepy game. the only thing i noticed is that the audio is a bit strange, sounds dont really come from the correct location. 

such an amazing well made game. super creepy! wish we got more games this well made!

cool little game, got all endings.

this was really great and super creepy! 

nice little game. was pretty creepy.

this was such a fun little game. i got jump scared at the end lol 

this is so good.this needs to be a house flipper DLC! 

such a good well made game! super creepy! 

this is such a good little game! very creepy! 

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this was so good I just wish it was longer! Super creepy!

this was really fun to play! poppy play time vibes. going to keep an eye out for the second part!

cool small little game! i enjoyed!

super creepy! definitely worth a play!

super cheap jump scared but it definitely got me lol, didnt want to play anymore after that lol. 


This is so good, very well made and super fun. 

Mine Souls 3 - WHY IS THIS SO FUN!

wow this was so good! amazing style and super creepy!

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didnt know what i had to do right away but got super creepy! 

really fun and silly little game!

super cool little game and super creepy! for some reason the fps dropped loads while looking at the hotel. good game though