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Man, this game is so polished and visually pleasing, so much details.
Btw i loved the day cycle S2

Yes, I know.

In these situations where there is no way out, you have to press the R button to restart the level. 

Really fun and polished game, but not fitting whit the theme

Really creative and fun game

WOW! We had the same idea lol!  Awesome game

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I'm thinking about that too, maybe I'll expand in the future, even if it's just to add more levels

Thank youu!! <3
Maybe I will add more levels on the future or develop a full release version

Thank you!! :D
and yes I had a lot of fun devoloping this little game S2

Thank you brotherrr

Thankss! <3

Thank you!! I used this tool Musenet

Love the graphics, very polished and fun

Very good for first jam, congratulations!

Very creative! NGL the beep sound is a bit annoying, but it is a great game! S2

It is not a horrible game, it is very creative. Keep going!


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Cool Game! S2

Thank youu! <3

Thank you!! S2

No, I had the idea in the jam period, I agree with the music kkkkk, but unfortunately to generate longer songs would take forever

Mannn, I love pico-8 and your game is so beatifull

Pretty cool concept and gameplay!

Thank you! S2

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Thank you! S2

Well, after a lot of playing to test and so on I got 2,800, but it's possible to do a lot more, I just didn't play much for it, what is your?

LOL I was aware about this "bug", but didn't know anyone would be able to do it, so I just let people who can, cheat

C aprende

After a lot of playing you get the hang of it :)

Hi! Thanks for the feedback! S2
Actually there is no pixel perfect, since each sprite pixel corresponds to 7 pixels on the screen. About not having to type the command at the exact moment, I think it's a good idea, I'll take it into account if I'm going to update the game :)

Thank you! :) S2

Thank you for the review! S2

Thank you for the feedback! S2

Thank you for the feedback! Maybe in the future I will add an easier game mode :)

You descibred my work!

Thank you for the feedback! The length of the jump and crouch are the same of the gif, it just takes practice :)

Thank you for the feedback! S2

Thank you! S2

Thank you for the feedback! Maybe in the future I will put an easy mode with these commands :)

Hi! Thank you for the feedbacks :)

Thank you!
Hahahah maybe I made the game too hard, playing it over 100 times made me get used to the commands

Thank you for the feedbacks! :) S2

Thank you! no cheats LOL