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i hope you like playthrough i did of your demo here link

here stream of my playthrought hope you like it 

hey can stream on your game on twitch i wanted ask your permission so i hope it okay if not then i will delete video if dont want it  i hope i can have your  permission on it 

here my last playthrough hope like it

hey can have permission to use game to stream on twitch i could give link to after done if like i can take down i just wanted your permission about this  so can i ?

hey can have permission to use game to stream on twitch i could give link to after done if like i can take down i just wanted your permission about this  so can i ?

hey can have permission to use game to stream on twitch i could give link to after done if like i can take down i just wanted your permission about this  so can i ?

aw dont be game is good regardless i really liked the game!

did you like it ?

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here link of the first part playthrough hope like it

here the link of playthought  hope like i really like the game

hi can i wanted to know if can have permission to use this game i want use game and stream on twitch that if it okay if it is i will send the link so can watch the my playthrought ?

hey can use your game and stream on twitch i would like to have permission on this before i start game i will send link to video of it if give permission to use your game ? 

here another playthrough i made hope like hope audio is better this cant wait to unlock the secret endings ! 

here the link :

alright next time i fix the volume =3  then show on next playthrough ! =)

is the game almost done yet just asking ?

so sorry i did without permission i hope you forgive me 

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hey i love your game i made stream on twitch on my playthrought very much liked it ! =) im sorry i used without  permission. can still upload if you dont  wanted to be uploaded then i wil take down video that is if you want here i wanted a video throught my playthrought i wanted your opinion about it  here the link

here video of twitch where i made playthrought  hope see it ! and i want know your though on it =)

your remind me of pocket mirror it look very similar but good game !!

tada !! it prince nazir  i hope it look like him 

hi nifty i was think of drawing one of character i want to suggestion which one you like the character i will try my best to draw it you that is if you want =3

i hope you like i tried to draw the female mc it kinda hard but i pulled off can wait to do the other always loved a challenge =3 

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i going to try the other route  cant wait try them and can i try make fanart for you ?

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IT FUNNY BECAUSE I COMPLETED THE STATS THE ONE THING I DIDNT RAISE WAS THE LEADERSHIP XD it funny really and sorry got a little to excited =3 AureliusRoute I was this close oh well 

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it funny that i got third ending Aurelius' it was hard to keep up 

really im so excited to never go Aurelius it getting on my nerves these last three day it was nounless Amazing game

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someone  save me i am being to go madness does anyone know have walthrought it being  hurt my brain

thank you i finally done it =D

how i make the enchanted coth i been trying  any help with it ?

is chapter 2 and 3 done or just asking =)

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here it is i like Anne and pizzaro so much that i ship and hope you like drawing i really worked hard on i hope it looks like them =3 great game!!! and why is cop so pretty and also i playing games for long time i really like all of your games it was much when i was bored at home

is the game done ?

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hey it okay i made some fanart for  you i really like this game!! =3

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i love  the way the games like it so amazing not the part evil skull T__T tried kill multiply time in way i had so much fun i love how described the characters in story and how the events turn out i cant wait until the full game is out !! :) i hope your best and work hard to achieve your goal this most intrigued  game i ever play it best than others i play but i was good so what im trying to say i love this game how and how made it 

and here a little gift :




i hope you like it i draw me and some of charaters that were on story i hope you notice  :3  :D

the game doesnt work help

hey starlit and i just wanna say i love numina it the best game ever and i hope you make games more like this one and in the future from ilow

p.s good luck and love you :3

with the bandits every time i play it stop the game it didn't work  when i  i restart game but still it didn't work

and i when i tried to save the kid best friend

it with bandits

there a problem every time i play fight scene it get me out the game can you help me :(

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why have you betrayed  me !!!! come on i really thought the game was finished 

D: but anyway it kinda fun in the end and i still feel betrayed (T__T)

and hope you finish the game next time :D

Awww i really wanted finish the novel can please make it again so i can play 

from ilow 

p.s i really liked the game