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so I finally finished making the fanart hope you guys like it took me days to finish it I hope you guys enjoy it I improve my draw a lot ,tried my best to draw the character  

( •̀ ω •́ )✧(❁´◡`❁)

I can't wait to make the gameplay of this game!  i try to finish my Royal Alchemist playthrough 😅 it going to be fun checking out the new characters! =3  one thing could I make some art of those characters ? 😊 it fun making it last time 

hope you like my gameplay

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I hope you like the gameplay I did of your game! I really like it =3

hope you like my gameplay of it ! =3

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hope you like the my gameplay of Contract demon it was play ! it was cute kamilla and eleni they were so adorable together =3

hope you like part 2 ! it broke my heart seeing noel being lonely it was amazing meeting his father it sad he didn't know noel above all else I

loved it 

hope chapter 3 part 1 of my game! I love shipping Azelle and Rue they so Adorable and I love meeting the Reaper she interesting ! =3
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hope you  like gameplay it funny playing your game cant wait for the full game ! thanks for letting do this Good luck with your Game ! and cant play Nusantara Legend of winged ones !

to game play of that ! 

thanks it took me while to figure it out  =3

hope like Gameplay of  Chapter 2 it was Really fun finding out what happened with Lila and Delia it so much fun it was so sad in end  in way  it was  very

good !

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hope like my gameplay of it ! and happy Halloween sorry if  I said late thanks for letting play this game !

no problem

hope you like my gameplay sorry if to long took time to get Sylvester good ending but it  was worth it I

really like this game cant wait to going on jack Route =3 !

is okay i do gameplay of this i just wanted ask if that okay ? =3


hope you like my gameplay of this game!

is okay if I  do gameplay of this I just wanted know if it okay ?

is okay if do gameplay  of this game ? I really liked this game most characters especially jack was hilarious !

hope like this gameplay I really all character they pretty fun and cop looks so pretty hope like video 


is okay i make gameplay of your games ? i really love since this game pretty much fun ! 

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hope like gameplay it very fun ! and i know I SAW POSTER with nusantara Legend of The Winged Ones POSTER I SAW IT but anyway i really enjoyed the game cant wait till i get to chapter 1 part 2 of the game ! 

thank i wanted permission for this Thanks =3

hope like my playthrough of this game it was Really fun hope like the thumbanail ! 

is okay if do a Gameplay of this ? 

hope like my playthrough it been since I

last played it ! I hope enjoy thumbnail I did for them ! =3

hope you guys like my part of the game it really made determine to win this it lot of fun ! 😋 

I hope like design I made you character from app I used it did take sometime but it was worth ! cant to play chapter 2 ! =3

here Finale part  3 of  chapter 1 hope like it !

no problem I’m glad enjoyed them !

hope like playing throught all endings ! it been fun playing it =3

it okay I'm just glad you like them =3

here part 2 if you are interested in watching it !


finished demo cant  wait for the full game !

it was Really fun =3

I finally finished my first part Gameplay I hope guys like it ! =3 

thank  you so much ! 

here is part 2 of my Gameplay hope you Like it 

is okay if i do gameplay of this game i like this game is fun ! here thumbnail of me and character  mc hope it