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Thanks a lot to you, for playing it!! I'm really glad it made you feel that way! Yume Nikki is always one of my biggest inspirations so I'm really happy to hear that as well. :'D

Thank you so much!! We'll keep it in mind! :')

Thank you so much!! I'm very very glad it helped you! Knowing this makes having made this game more worth it than ever. :')

Ahhh thank you so much!! I'm really glad you liked it and were able to find it relatable! :')

Thank you very much for the offer, but not for now, at least! This game is in a very early stage after all, plus we think that it works fine in VX Ace as is.

Oh, go ahead! Feel free to ask.

Thank you so so much!! This is one of the best things we could hope to hear, we're very glad you enjoyed the atmosphere!
We might take a while to update, but we're really looking forward to showing more of these worlds. :')

Hello! Thank you so much, we're glad to hear that!!

Actually, the three of us are Spanish-speakers as well! We had thought about translating it but since there isn't that much text to begin with apart from the instructions and effects, we didn't deem it very necessary. If people want a translation anyways, we ourselves can look into it! Thank you very much for your offer anyways, we really appreciate it!

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Hi! Hope it's fine to report a bug here! I think I might have stumbled upon one with the endings. I was trying to get Ending C (got endings D and B so far), so I retried the whole route to ending B a couple times before going for the good endings to try out if I could get different outcomes. I kept getting ending B, so I decided to go to the castle without picking up Klein again... but upon entering, the scene to ending B played, with Klein showing up in the party afterwards and all. (Might be a switch or something that hasn't resetted from the last routes... will be retrying from an old save in the meantime!)

Regardless, I've been enjoying the game a lot!! I love all the characters (especially Yorshk...! And Nyx!) and I feel like I'm 10 again and playing my childhood games! Thank you so much for your hard work and for this wonderful game!! Best birthday present I've ever given to myself. :')

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Thank you so much!! I'm really glad you liked it!!

About the font, it's mostly a RPG Maker 2000 problem: the game doesn't detect the correct font unless it's installed in the system, making the unreadable font show up. There is a font called "RM2000 8" in the game folder which needs to be installed (which is mentioned in the install instructions section of this page and the read me text file of the game); this should make everything much more readable.

A lot of people have found this problem, probably because they didn't see either of the instructions (which is understandable), but I'll definitely take note for future games since the standard should be not having to install anything ;;; I'm really sorry for the trouble!

Thank you so much!!! I'm not sure if there will be a sequel, but I definitely have plans for more projects set in the same world which miiight have some sort of link to The Stairway. :'D

Thank you very much!! I'm really glad you liked it! I've got a couple more projects in the works which I definitely plan to finish as soon as possible, so hearing this really means a lot! ;;;

Thank you so much!! We really wanted to focus on atmosphere so this is one of the best things we could hope to hear! We'll do our best to bring all of our new ideas into the game. :'D

Thank you so much!! We're extremely touched to hear that!! ;v;

We have plans for a lot of new areas and are excited to continue as soon as we can! We definitely want to give this project an ending and make it the best we can. Thanks a lot!!

Ahhh apologies for the late reply! Thank you so much for playing! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it!! :'D

And yeah, it is! The music is from free resource websites, but I made all the graphics myself! I'm really glad you think so!! ;v;

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

To be honest, I had considered it! I'm not sure if I will make a game about her, but since The Stairway is actually tied to a bigger piece of lore of one of my worlds, I'm pretty sure Nina and Stella will have the chance to show up again in future projects sometime, at least. :')

Oh!! Thank you so much for the playthrough video! I'm really glad you liked it. :')

Thank you so much!! I'm really glad you liked it!! ;v;)/

Of course!! I hope you have fun! Feel free to share a link of the video once it's done, if you want. :'D

Right away! I have added zip files for both versions. :')

Around 30-45 minutes long, approximately! Though it really depends on the person, that's the amount of time I've usually seen people take to complete it. :')

Thank you very much for playing! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! :')

Hello! Apologies for the late reply. You probably downloaded it from the second link, which is the Spanish version. The first one should be in English; make sure the file has ENG in the title, instead of SPA! Hope it helps! \o/

You can uncompress it with WinRAR! Just double-click the file, and if you have WinRAR installed, it should open and give you the option to uncompress it. Make sure your file is a .rar archive though (the icon should look like a stack of three books), since it might not have downloaded properly. ;v;

Hope it helps! Tell me if you still have trouble. ´v`)/

Thank you so much for playing!! I'm glad you had a good time! *v*

Thank you so much for playing!! I'm glad you enjoyed it! ;v;
All the music is from Music Egg, *CAMeLIA* and Maou Damashii, they all have a lot of really nice royalty free songs!

Thank you so much for the review!! I'll take good note of the issues! ;v;
About the font problem, the game folder actually includes the correct font, but it has to be installed to work; not having it installed makes the unreadable one show up. I wish there were more practical ways to keep a readable font on RPG Maker 2000 for everyone, since a lot of people have had this issue and having to install a new font just for that can be kind of a hassle. It's stated on the instruction manual, but I'll also add it to the install instructions here on just in case! Thanks for mentioning this!

Aaah thank you very much, really; and especially for playing. Knowing the atmosphere did its job makes me happier than anything! Thank you very much for these thoughts!

Whoa! Thank you very much!! I really appreciate it. I'm always very glad to see people enjoying The Stairway directly. :'))

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Thank you very much for playing! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!! Happy to hear this description, too. :')

And oooh! I'll stay tuned then, looking forward to seeing the post!! I really appreciate it. :'D

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thank you very much!!

About the tilesets, I did! I made all the graphic assets myself. Thank you! ;v;

Thank you very much for playing!! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!