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Realmente agradezco que dieras a conocer tu opinión sobre el juego :)

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(Well... first of all: sorry for my bad english).

Hello! Today I've been working on my game like 1 year and It's finally here... and I want to show it to you! I should start with an explanation about the game, so...

What kind of game is Palactis?:

Palactis is from the "shooter" genre, exactly: a "Shoot'em Up" and "Bullet hell" shooter.

What makes Palactis different to other games like this one?:

Palactis is like the old spaceships games, but with some differences:
> It has a deep history.
> It has 10 unlockable endings (8 of them are bad endings).
> There are 100 items that you can use to win, you can find a maximun of 7 on each game.
> There are 5 main minibosses and 5 unlockable minibosses.
> There are 5 main bosses and 6 unlockable bosses.

What's the history about?:

The history unfolds between the years 2834 and 2836.

In 2823 the humanity has discovered a new, yellow planet and they named it Palactis. A quarter of the Earth's population arrived to Palactis to live there peacefully, and they did, but the things started to change when the earth was starting to collapse in 2834, the Earth's population knew that they had to do something or they'd die otherwise, so they started a war against Palactis. A hundred spaceships were sent per day, it was a massacre.

You, a guy called Hugo Lennard Wirnhier imprisoned for killing somebody, are sent to the battle in 2835, will you and the other terrestrial population be able to seize Palactis? The game always end in 1836.

Wait... is that spanish?

Yes, it is.

You can play Palactis in spanish and english by choosing one of the flags after the logo screen, also you can choose if your choose is permanent or not (if you want to check out both languajes).

How hard is the game?:

The game difficulty depends on three things:

> Your hability (and this point is the most important).
> The items you pick up (or not).
> The luck you have (How many good items you get, how many good assaults do your enemies NOT do, etc).

That's all!:

Thanks for reading! If you're interested on downloading the game, watching its trailers or following my facebook page, then here you have the links:


First trailer:
Second trailer:
Final trailer:
Illusion Games on Facebook:

Woooow, awesome! :O
I'll use it in my next project :3
Thanks for the good work.