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Thanks for reminding me! I forgot about that

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Cube Flip is inspired by classic grid puzzle games. Challenging levels with a proper difficulty curve and colorful visuals with relaxing music keeps you focused in the game. 

This is my first puzzle game that i have ever made myself! Let me know what you guys think in the comments :D

Game Link -

- Suggested Improvements -

  • A more dynamic background where it doesn't look extremely stale.
  • Cube glow is almost non existent.
  • Feedback system for controls and a feedback for getting the right color to hit is very crucial to the game and would make it feel more responsive/rewarding.
  • Game Over screen is extremely stale, looks very odd compared to the game.
  • Maybe find a way to make it easier for new players at least make it easy enough for players to be able get 20 score in first 10-15 tries, more rewarded a player feels in terms of his skills the more he will try to do it again.

    Mechanic of the game has great potential in session times, hope you get the game to a more polished level, it has considerable potential!
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1.2 Patch -
Fixed The Ending.

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1.1 Patch Changes -
Spike Hitboxes
Level 2 Top spikes are no longer  standable.
New Mode for normies.