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3 planets, that's what the description says. We're still looking at a couple years or more before full release.

We're looking at several more years before the game is finished, at the current rate. Very little has changed since I last checked out the game a year and a half ago.

Not until the game is finished and at the rate things have been going expect another 2 years, in my guesstimation.

Really hope you guys include a randomizer for infinite replayability. The time to do it is when you are finalizing the level layouts.

Get a VPN.

Me too! But expect a few more years or so before it's finished.

You gotta git gud.

In one of the animations he gets transformed into a girl then double teamed by futas.

Retro does not mean bad and unsmooth animation.

We can all come together as degenerates =).

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I mean you could do a quick update every month here, nothing fancy, just to let us know you're still alive.

When people come here looking for interesting games, and see no dev update in months they think "game is dead" and move on, never coming back.

You would know if you played the game.

Hell yea it is xD.

This game is really only about the sex scenes. If you want good gameplay (and sex scenes) check out Adventures of Kincaid.

I know you said you could be out for a few months with no internet, but this is over 3 months now =(. I hope all is well and that you have still been able to continue to work on the game offline.

Talk to the queen.

You're the fag who came to a gay game. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

"no gay = no fap"

Fixed it for you.

No, but you're going to fap anyway.

Hey would you share that version with me please? Upload it to mediafire or something and share the link.

There's going to be other planets with different themes and they will have their own music.

Then fap to the free demo.

Animations are good, but they really need twice as many frames; they just aren't smooth right now. But given how far along development is, this is likely never to change. Shame.

Keep progressing in the game and you'll reach some sexy tigers. If you reach the village, and talk to the sculptor guy for his quest, then take the platform down, then go straight left, you'll reach an arena with tigers.

You better get used to dealing with the fact that you aren't going to be able to have a lot of things you want. Also learn patience, both for earning money and for waiting for sales on the things you want.

You serious? If he doesn't sell his game he won't have money either.

I would be very surprised if they don't eventually add a sex animation with him.

I don't understand why you won't release this as early access on Steam. I'd buy it instantly.

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How do I make the game full screen? Running the .exe on windows. Nevermind it's F4.

On your twitter you have a few animations of the girl being a futa. I love it! Is that going to be a thing in the game? I would love all the various animations of the girl fucking the beasts =).