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Can I get this in the library? I have backed it, but everytime I go download it, I forget, I have to access the link through Backer kit.

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This book is not for feint of hearts. It has really nice bent billiard bird eyed briar pipe with bent saddle stem on it. You must prepare yourself for a heart attack. Solid art. Solid page layout that no page goes wasted. You will rarely see a margin between a line. Very captivating. You will be bewildered by the text and what the words implies. I've bought it. For a dollar. A steal.

Setting aside several typos in English version - such as using y instead of and- this is another solid free fanmade product. Layout is clean, fonts and colors are very crisp, so I had no difficulty while skimming through first read. Like I said , there are several typos but not much to worry about at the moment. You don't see many free products with this quality. Generous amount of beautiful SW illustrations, too.

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Great Concept!! But I really hope Darth Disney don't commence Cease & Desist on this book. tbh, I don't know they do copy right strike on free fan-made games such as this.