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Been playing since the last build and created an account just to say fantastic stuff! Really, really love what you've done here. Art is great and gameplay foundation is absolutely solid. Regarding the new update, I actually didn't find SMG reloading too awkward and had gotten so used to enemies standing in place so the first time one rounded the corner RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME I jumped. The only annoying thing is the robots - missing some user feedback here and the core gameplay loop is a bit too punishing. Agree with the sound effect on alert, same with the guys. Also would be nice that once a robot spots you, you'd have a little more time to react. There's a few options here, such as having the robot's gun spin up a bit before it fires (like a minigun in other games), leaving you time to either try to take it out quickly or move out of the way, or have a way to disable the robot momentarily the moment it spots you, like having to aim for a specific body part on the bot which will buy you a little bit of time. Also if you're looking for any kind of specific help with the project I'm sure myself and other people would love to know how to contribute to this (beyond monetarily, of course)!