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yeah Im working on it, thanks a lot! :D

This gaim is broing!. i want he refund me money i spent on thi sfree gaim! and controls are to hard? you don"t even tel how to plai yuor stupid gaim!!!1
it not like it sais in the description how to plai or anithing! and when you downlod gaIM THERE IS DEFINITILY NO HOw to plai txt file that is downloded wit gaim!

NO, seriously, if you wonder how to play read the descrition and read the text file included in the zip, if you actually do wonder about something not written in there, feel free to comment, but please read the descrition before you do... thank you! :3

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Sorry for the late response, I got a lot requests about this one, I think its written on the page, I'll make it more clear, you press the text, "Food" press it with your mouse.

also, thanks for interacting with me, and I'll have to thanks tuna personaly for helping me spread the game

I did as you sayd and fixed the collision, if there is anything you think can be changed for a better experience i'll take action immediately, I am working on another roguelike, and a "secret" project, if i get to finish either please support me by commenting ideas and bugs, as it is some of the greatest support I can get.

WOW this is mind blowing how did ya code the phisics?! and how do you keep the lag away?! i mean i got 60 fps with the setting on full! mind blow! good game!