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I appriciate it!

THank you for making the game!


First of all, if you plan on playing the game, don't watch the entire video, since it's a rather short game!

Second, this game was really fun and challenging at the same time (I'm probably just an idiot though xD) which gave me the emotion roller coaster full package! Check it down below if you are interested in watching it!

Good job developers, like it a lot!

This game is amazing and I would love to see the finished product! Of course there are bugs and certain flaws that will need improvement, but it's still in early development and the core game is awesome!

I know I'm very late playing this 83 days after it was uploaded, but here's a short video I've made on the game, I hope you like it!

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I did a let's play of this a couple of days back if you want to see how the game is before buying it, I highly recommend it since it was very immersive and interesting!


Haha thank you! Glad you liked it! :D

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I hate scary games, but this game actually made me interested in playing it. Even though I hated it I still loved it if that makes sense! A very well made scary game developers, keep at it! Here's a video of me playing it if you are interested! I hope you like it!

Thank you for making the game, I did like the game, but I think there is something off with the colliders on the rocks or the rocks aren't placed parallel to each other, might even be different response time for the 2 robots. I could do the exact same motions as before and still get a different result every time, so I think something was off there. I do like hard games, I really do, but I felt like this was a moment that I couldn't control making the game frustrating instead of challenging. I edited out most of those parts because I didn't want the video to turn stale and boring though. I do like the idea of the game and I think you should keep on developing it, because it's a really awesome game once the game feels challenging instead of frustrating!

It's just my take on it though! I might have been too tired to notice I did something wrong while playing and if so, I'm sorry for the rage =).

I hope you enjoyed the video, and thank you for writing back to me!

You can check it out here if you want!

Awesome! Thanks!

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I played this game on my lets play channel and I loved it!

A bit goofy and adventures, just the way I like it!

I just hope the developer keeps going on this to make it a full game!

You can see my playthrough here: