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Hi! Together with my friends, we've made a puzzle game with quite simple mechanisms and good looking graphics. If you are interested in puzzle games, please have a try!

Thanks for your comment! I'm one of the puzzle designer, and it's a huge honor for us to have your praise! Maybe someday in the future we would like to bring more mechanisms and levels to the game!

Thanks for the comment! We are really encouraged by your words! Yeah at the moment the game feels like lack of design, as we aren't able to shape the mechanism well during such a short time, as we are not experienced game devs. We'll try our best to make the game feel more reasonable :D

Sorry for the broken control. Actually the game is not well tested on multiple machines, so we are not aware of that problem before we uploaded the game. It's a huge encouragement for us that you like this concept. Maybe we will try to improve the game in the future. Anyway, thanks for the comment!

Sorry for the confusion. Our game is pretty badly designed as we are not experienced game devs. There is actually a button in the hole, and the light need to expose through the whole and you'll find there is a "button" inside. The you could drop the light and walk through the gate.