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No 😐

That’s a great sound effect! :D Can I use it in my new Backrooms game?

Controller is already supported on PC builds.

Of course! I’m currently working on a new free Backrooms game which has several levels from the lore with online multiplayer.

You can support it here:


Alright, I’ll add an FPS option in the next update.

There is not, but it should be easy to add it and I was waiting for someone who needs it :D

I will try to add SteamVR support in the next update.

Yes, I saw a lot of reviews from google play store users requesting it and I will add a new game mode called “Lore Mode” where you play several levels based on the Backrooms lore.

Thanks a ton for the support! I appreciate it :)

Have you tried to play the game with low quality or turned off the “effects” in settings?

Also tell me the platform you’re having lags on.

No it won’t drain your pc :D

Drugulation doesn’t have heavy graphics, and if you have problems you can reduce the graphics in settings.


I think they mean WebGL platform.

Oh, alright :) Make sure the oven is equal to puzzle answer…

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You are either very unlucky or there is something wrong in one of the versions. Which platform are you playing on?

(Edit: I’ve looked into the codes the other day and everything seems to work! I really have no idea what’s causing this. I might remove or replace this puzzle if more players struggle with it…)

It’s weird… Thanks for posting. I’ll look into the code today and try to fix it. Since this is randomly generated, it might work in another try.

Let me know if you played several times and it didn’t work in any of them.

The only actual restriction that I’m sure of is the android version which should be higher than 4.4.

If you want to use the Google Cardboard VR, your phone must have a gyroscope and the Cardboard app installed.

I’ve tested Backrooms on a Sony Xperia M2 and it worked fine. (with the “effects” option turned off)

If anyone has trouble or lag with Backrooms on their phone, they are welcome to write it here.

When you play the web version, you might do a browser shortcut when you actually don’t want to! (Ctrl + W closes ANY tab, try it now!)

To avoid this you can first press W then Ctrl or simply download a standalone version and play on your computer or phone.

Hmmm, yeah this shouldn’t happen. Thanks for sending your problem, I’ll try to fix it (again -_-)

By the way, this code is generated randomly. So if you play again, there’s a great chance that it’ll work!

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Please also send a picture of the key. You might have entered it wrong!

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That’s so nice of you! I kept Bit Jail non randomized so that people can speed run it 😁

You can upload your file to video streaming services like youtube or vimeo and then share it with the play button ▶️ to embed it when you’re writing a post here.

Thanks a ton for doing a speed run of my game. I appreciate it 🙃

Hello, I’m glad you liked backrooms. Those are escape objects and there is only one in each play. Whenever you get close to them, the game finishes.

The eye turns colorful so that you can know the direction of them when you get close to the finish. (mostly useful in classic mode, but I kept it in deaf mode as well)

You can now sideload Backrooms on your Quest 2 :)

Backrooms is now available on Oculus Quest! You can sideload the APK file to your Quest 2 :)

Press escape or right mouse button. It’s shown on your screen.

This isn’t a bug. You simply didn’t find the answer to unlock this puzzle yet!

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Have you entered the degrees correctly??

Post a screenshot of degrees picture in boy’s computer and a screenshot of the degrees you are entering on the oven.

Press ctrl to crouch

That’s a good idea. I recently bought the Oculus Quest 2 and Backrooms will support it in the next update!

That would spoil the game for you. I can guide you without ruining the fun!

Tell me where you are stuck

I might make a wiki for all my games in the future…

Where are you stuck? I will give you undirect help :D

That would spoil the game, but I can make it locked until you finish the game at least once.

You’re welcome :)

Free mode doesn’t have anything and is there for you to just explore the Backrooms!

It’s on the second floor; But you can’t get to it unless you looked other floors carefully.

On android press the button on bottom right of your screen.

On standalone and WebGL just press escape key or right mouse button as it’s hinted on your screen (RMB = Right Mouse Button, ESC = Escape Key)

Currently there is only one ending; I might add more endings in the next update though.

Thanks for playing Bit Jail!

You’re welcome! Before this, Backrooms actually required headphones to play (it only had the classic mode)

But for the sake of mobile version and also a lot of people asking for it, I changed the gameplay a little and added this game mode. I hope you enjoy!