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Oh, well thank god! I thought I had to zip a file with my horrible Mac virtual machine :))) So enjoy the game!

You're welcome. I'm very sorry; I zipped those with windows (compress option), If this has anything to do with it; does that mean I should  zip it with Mac too??

for a workaround, try this.

Thank you! I'm very happy to know that. But I didn't make an android version for the upcoming update... I'm very sorry; I might make one for the future updates...

Of course! In fact, You're very lucky that my virtual machine actually worked and I have a Mac build of the Summer Update! (which is a .application file if I'm correct). It will be published along with Linux and WebGL version in the Summer Update very soon...

Thanks for recording your gameplay and giving your comments. 

The "friends" will have a huge change in the Summer update, beside some other changes to the main gameplay and bug fixes.

Thanks for recording! Many people have problems with the monsters or the 'Friends'. They'll have a change.

Of course there will be updates :)))) Expect new stuff in the Summer update coming soon...

I think you downloaded the wrong game:

I've already made WebGL versions for my other games; so why not this!

I will add an HTML5 version in the Summer update so you probably will be able to play with your chromebook.

Thanks for playing. I will change the monsters behaviour and visuals in the next update...

Hey thanks for recording. The spawn problem will be solved in the next update and you can see it listed in the "Bugs" section of community.

Nice update. Good job! Keep it up!

Thanks for noticing! I thought a simple box shaped UI works better than a complex one. Enjoy! 

Thanks for recording your game play. Yeah, it seems that the enemies don't spawn in some cases... I'll put that in the bugs section.

I'll make an instructions level, but for now, this will help you:

Backrooms community · Posted in gg

ty hf!

Wow, no thank you for your sound effect! I love your voice. Thanks for playing my game!

Thanks for recroding! I'll post it to Videos section.

Thanks for recording. I'll post it in the =Videos= section.

I will make the whole game open source after the first update! 

So don't worry, I knew people would like to change the game / do mods ...

Thanks for recording! I'll post this to the "Videos" section.

Backrooms community · Created a new topic =Videos=
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Hello everyone! Here you can post your Game play, Let's play, tutorial or other videos about the game here. I will post other videos here as well: (No particular order)


8-Bit Ryan:

Electric pegasus: 


Gamers Nation:



Flamez Plays:


Minty Breeze:

Rob Boberty:


cmod Plays:

Step Vibes:

Jokhi Gaming: 




Generic Waffle:

Ok... Happy to see people scared lol

Yeah I'm sorry about that. I'll try to get a build from a virtual machine for Linux and Mac this summer... :)

Thanks for recording. That was the funniest game play I've ever seen of Backrooms! 

But dude, why do you play a horror game if you're "so not comfortable with" it? :)))

Thanks for recording. That's a nice video! 

Thanks for recording your gameplay! I'll add some tutorial level in the next update but for now have these tips:

Thanks for the idea! I'll edit the first post.

Jayskibean Recorded a Let's play video: 

Thanks for recording! You can give your ideas in the ideas section:

That's a nice video! Thanks for playing and recording.

Thanks for recording! I will put some tutorial in the next update but for now you can have this:

Thanks for your suggestion! I will post your idea to the ideas section. (Though I think someone else did mention this in youtube...)

That's a great let's play video! Thanks man.

Nice Game Play... Thanks!

I added some instructions for now:

See these tips!

As far as I know, the Roblox version is made before this game. And it's not made by me...

Here's my Roblox profile if anyone need it, I have the Roblox Studio Engine but I really don't get it :)))

Thanks! I'll post your suggestions in the =Ideas= section

There is a "Credits" section in "Options". The game is developed by me.

Thanks for the heads up! It's done :)