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My first gamejam, didn't think this would be this painful.

Would appreciate ^^:

Would appreciate:

My game is about stopping time:


Rated your game, good idea and pretty fun. I also somehow managed to beat one of your levels without picking up a new ability, I think it was dash, so I wasn't able to progress :D!

Would appreciate it ^^:

Finished social networking, pretty fun and a very unique game. The only thing I would change is decreasing the difficulty at the end, but besides that very nice.

I like the levels and that you use only 1 axe, maybe would have been better if the axe came back like a boomerang but overall very nice.

Very fun bullet hell type boss battle :). The only thing I would change is making so that you wouldn't lose money in shop.

Very beautiful and unique game, gj!

I would say my game has a very unique mechanic which is stopping time:

Aight, gonna try again tomorrow, gtg sleep now.

Poor robot he just wants his coins :(. Pretty weird and unique game :)!

Definitely unique and it seems fun at the beginning, but I don't know if I am doing something wrong, but my jump can't seem reach the first platform on the third level. I checked your gif in the description and your jump reaches it easily. 

Very original and unique, first tower defence game I have seen this jam, gj :)

Pretty original and fun, gj :)!

That's a big ass wall, pretty fun game, kinda reminds me of getting over it :D!

Pretty fun, I like that there are multiple weapon choices instead of one weapon like most 1 bullet type games I have seen.

Really love the atmosphere, the game is pretty unique and the levels felt very nice.

Played your game, pretty fun and I like the visuals, especially the shadows. The only thing I would change is making the jump higher than 1 nanometer :D!

Played your game, quite unique, goodjob! Would appreciate it if you could rate mine:

Damn this was actually hilarious, loved it, very original too :D! Try out my game if you want:

Would appreciate it:

Most beautiful game played so far, also very unique and like the atmosphere. The only problem I would have is that the ghost sometimes appears in places where you can't avoid it and that, that damn hole at the beginning is cursed, fell inside like 6 times XD, otherwise goodjob!.

Played your game, the only problem is that there are no checkpoint in between levels, otherwise it's pretty fun, goodjob!

Pretty fun, where are all those damn pigeons coming from :D

Played your game, really cool, like the idea of getting unique weapons from each type of enemy and that time moves only when you move, nice!

Thank you, I also tried your game, really like the idea, first horror game I have seen, just don't like that if you fail you have to start from the beginning.

The controls are a little weird but besides that, it's very fun and unique!

Played your game, it's very hard, but besides that quite fun and original!

Would be cool, my game also has some story elements so you might draw something related to that:

Thank you, already played your game, really fun boss battle !:)

Played and rated your game, it would be nice if you played mine :):

Would really appreciate it:

Thank you, rated yours also!

Play my game, comment that you rated it and then I will surely play yours :)!

Very interesting :)

Would really appreciate it. My game is about stopping time.