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Great game!

Thanks for your reply, but this is exactly what i did xD and webGL just freezes when you press exit

Good job! I enjoyed the levels :)
Camera smoothing just feels too high

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Looks nice and cool gameplay.

But it lacks optimization and feels like it is FPS dependant.
Camera smoothing is too high o_o and also some music for the bacground would be enjoyed while i`m watching my buddies go tear those red guys apart xD

But i could see it become a great game after this jam!
Great job and congrats with making it to the submission! :)

Great job!
Looks and feels unique and has nice gameplay <3

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I loved it! 

Great visuals, different random heroes (souls) and great camera shake.
For an endless game though it felt too hard in the beginning but i might be a noob as well xD

I would love to see minor fixes like enemy bullets going through walls and also it is hard to see an enemy or his actions when he is spawned on walls.

Congrats with finishing and submitting!
Great job :)

Thanks! I enjoyed this game as WebGL would let me to xD
Good visuals and hook ;)

Congrats with making the submission!

Controls are indeed very challenging in WebGL xD
But still this game works out for me! It has some nice and simple storyline and the UI looks good!

And in space games i feel very creepy when there is no background music or at least some ambient. Would be a great update ;)

Unfortunately, i don`t have an opportunity to try it on mobile.
Good job! Great game :)


This game looks good, and i enjoyed playing it :)
Sometimes camera and prop spawner goes weird, but characters and props look cute.

And i would definately would feel more greedy when getting all the points that AI had hehehe.

Good job! Would love to see those small fixes and play it again :)

I can`t even find an answer online lul. Now i`m just curious

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Thank you for checking out my game! :)
I`m glad you found a goal there, cuz i totally missed that in development xD

Your game is very well done for 6hrs time limit! xD i had fun playing it

I`m glad you relseased it as it is!
It is a well done project already and i enjoyed playing it <3

Very nice visuals and sound. Feels polished as well.
I`m not a puzzle player myself, but i enjoyed playng this one.

Looks like the minor bug with illegal bounce are coming from doing color checks in update method and applying force in fixed update. If it is the case, then it should be easy to fix this i hope :)

And the ground check working on the clown of the same color - i figured that out only on the 4th lvl xD

Also i still don`t know why are there superjumps sometimes.

But in the end, puzzles are clever, controls are good and i enjoyed the game!

upd: cuz enemies shoot in random direction i managed to hit 46 just standing still B-)

Oh! I did not figured out that it was my mouse outside the window that caused me to stop xD

Looking forward to see this game turn into finished project! :)

Controls feel very nice and simple

But i don`t know why i was just freezing at one position sometimes xD
Still i managet to hit 29 tho B-)

Deal! :)

Deal! :)

I would be happy to hear some feedback for my first finished project

After struggling with WebGL bug finally submitted the game! :)

Looking forward to see other people`s games

If you have info how to properly do Application.Quit call for WebGL in Unity, let me know xD