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A member registered Jun 01, 2017

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Ight sweet, let me know if you need any help. Email me at to get into direct contact.

Nice to meet you Nick, and welcome to Ichio. This is a nice place to publish your games if you ever wanted to. We should talk sometime, if you want to start up a little team.

Hey, i feel ya man. I started a little bit over a year ago too. We should talk sometime about a partnership on a game. It could be beneficial for the both of us. :) 

Interesting, u have discord? If not or you do, email us or contact us on there. Email:

Hey I hope everyone gets to see this, but there was some changes to the Jam. Nothing crazy, but we did add our Discord. So check it out if you want. :)

Thnks for the insight! <3

Yeah he's right.

I love the idea you  have! But we need to be able to use keyboard too. And if you don't finish on time, let us know. We would love to help you complete your game. IdealistStudios Believes that everyone should be able to complete there dreams. So don't be afraid to ask for help. :) 


Keep up the great work! Were really excited to see what you guys can come up with!

Glad to hear, THE BEST OF LUCK! :)

Talk about whatever you want. :)

Agreed, any engine is allowed as long as you can have an actual game copy and not a project copy. :)


Have you done any work in C++?

What Engine you using?

The only theme is survival. Anything survival related counts. :)

Lets see how everything is going. :)

Come here to find a team. :)

Here join the idealiststudios Discord.

Let's talk over email:

and the best of luck with you too

Hey contact me, you would make a great member in IdealistStudios. We have a game development group that you would go great in :)

contact me:

hey let's talk sometime, i have a indie group and you could be a nice new member. If you're up for it :)


Hey man email me when you can, but if you have some sweet ideas. Send them my way. Im a developer and is lookin gfor things like this, and i even use Unreal Engine anyways lol :)


Hey i love the fact that you know blender so well. So I know you're a solo indie dev, but would you be willing to team up to make games? i'm trying to get a team together. Whatcha say? Email me or just reply.


Nice, and welcome to the community. I'm looking for a composer for a team of mine for Game Development. Would you like to join? We need a composer lol

Hey i like what you said here. I'm Shade, and nice game. I've been looking for determined people, to make a team of developers for IdealistStudios. You said you was looking for a team, so here you go. :) I would love to have you.

Email me or reply


Hey My business has been looking for someone who can make comics, message me if you're interested.

Hey dude, i would love to have you on my team for games. I own a small indie group called IdealistStudios and were making games, small ones for now. but i would love for you to join. :)

Same, but i'm not the best programmer. But i have a community on Discord who would love a programmer. You familiar with Unreal Engine

Hey you have a discord? Cause i have a small community that's growing with people like you. i've been learning to developing games for a while now and maybe we could help each other. and maybe make a game lol

Hey, what are your game? Ill play them. And i even make games to, i dont have any out yet. But i can help if you wanted.

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Hey everyone, I'm Shad3ious and i'm looking for a team of people who are learning game development or know what there doing to help make games.  It'll be a fun way to learn game development together and to get our names out there. If anyones interested email me or leave a comment. :)

Email Me: