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Same problem here! 

For me it just does not import materials :(

When I import my meshes non of them have textures wich means that when i import my map the map dosent have textures. It is something that I cant solve. No matter what. I even tried to re-import EVERYTHING again and still: Nothing.

I'm trying to import csgo maps on Unreal Engine 4.19.2

Hi guys. I have 4.20.1 and when i try to put hammuer it says this

When it said 4.20 i tough it was in general so i would like to know if there is a fix or something that i can do about this. I would actually love it :(

I hope someone can help me...

It would be awesome if you add a mod were is no hitmarkers and the menu ( live, ammo etc indicator ) are invisible so you feel like in war! I was making that but if you add the mode it will be better!!!