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Cool game !!! :)


:3 Thank you for seeing that I subscribed to you! , Thank you for the video!

Thanks. We hope that you will play when that about Run Rooms 2 :)


And you bought it on or Steam?

All who bought on, I on-sent key on e-mail. To the game was on Steam ( Steam - there are frequent updates do )

Already fixed , now the bot won't date quickly, so we added a couple of streamers

Thank you for your message. We will try to mend. 

Linux is yet not our main platform, but we will do our game there :)

:) the original cover on the video. Interesting gameplay, thanks for the review, the game will improve thanks to him!

This is good news :) 

Let's charge in Skype or decode or telegram?

It will be , but in version 2.3. You can play 3 players at once. 2 player is surviving , and 1 player is the monster. But the multiplayer will not be survival against a bot because the game is very short... and designed for a single player and the multiplayer is gratitude for donuts :)

No! the victim and the collector is two modes for multiplayer. 

Only in single player bot IA , in network mode the bot is your friend , which will need to hide :)

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The game is in development, but version 2.3 is a monster. 

Collector - the goal is to collect photos. 
The victim is to survive , to escape , to be careful because every noises will appear to those who will play for the monster

If you have ideas for multiplayer contact us

 - translation the Google translator

in the first work with this OS right now ... that's changed , now the file is in *dmg works ?

Sorry , we will fix it. expect. soon everything will be :) thanks for the comment

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Thank you! 

We remember your first video and glad that you are checking update of Run Rooms.

2 endings will be on final version. There are not good or bad, but you will know story of main character and mask man.  :)

Thank you blogger  OwnMcKendry 

Thank you blogger Markiplier :)

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Thanks for your review of your game! :)

Thanks for the review :) 

we will consider your gaming behavior , to play better and more fun :)

Well, we will respect your wishes. We will make the option to remove the green tint

Thanks for letsplay! we will try to make the game better ! :) 
Letsplay turned out cool despite that I'm from Russia and did not understand what you say ..

have you changed the schedule, when you run the *. EXE of the game will be a window in which you need to supply the latest. 

The game has its bugs, will try to fix them! thanks for your review :) we will take into account your behavior in the game