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I made a room that kinda looks like a build your own room video game

I'd imagine the game having two ghosts, one with a bun in their "hair" and one without a bun. both of them are above the shop, they give tips on how to progress in the game and help out!

the boxes with ribbons are mystery boxes, once you get one from the shop, you can go out and kinda the key to unlock it

no bow = common

blue bow = rare

pink bow = epic

the ones without bows don't have locks lol

the ghosts can also give you free daily gifts when logging into that game

anyways thank you for listening (or rather reading) my silly post ☺️

aww cute <33

genderfluid ghost <333 💗🤍💜🖤💙

ghost cafe! 👻 

check out this tiny house!

wow! awesome room :D

you're welcome!

cool room


I got 20 pride points

woah :O

omg that's awesome!

check out this room!

it's owned by Mira, Mira is a trans bisexual who goes by she/it!