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I agree! But it’d be hard for indivi to implement, and he has so much on his plate already. 

I know it was bug, but you should try implementing the face parasites as equipment, just like the chest and crotch ones.

When will the early update come out for patreon users?

Sorry to ask another question, indivi. If I support the patreon(10$), will the scenes be there permanently or do I have to resubscribe? Also, love your game~!

Question. Can you continue playing after you get a bad end, for example with Mistrya? If I support the patreon(Will do soon~), does the game continue?

Love the new update, great work~! But I was wondering, in the future will you be able to further enlarge your cock and breasts? 

When’s the new update coming to public?

I’m really loving the game, i’m looking forward to more futanari content and specifically parasite/living clothes! There should be a piece of equipment that should attach to your face! That’s what i’d like to see, but the game’s great. Thank you for your hard work, Indivi! Keep at it, man!

By the way, is there anyway to get into the subspace for the shop of horrors? If so, can anyone help me or give me some advice on how to get down there~? Thanks~!