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Just grabbed it on Steam. thanks

The game looks great but I see there is only a demo available here. Can you make the full game available here for PC? It is at Kongregate for 3.99 for PC. I would happily pay that for it here.


Got the game running properly. I added onto an existing cabin. There are some issues with the snapping in of building materials. Especially posts. Some of the posts on my building cant be added to. I some cases I have to be in specific spots to snap in parts of the building but in this case I cant seem to find the right spot to do so.

Great game though and has a lot of potential.

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The game looks interesting. But is the slow descent to the ground intentional?  haha

It is very nice to watch the scenery as I get closer to the ground. I just hit the ground and sunk into a swamp. The music started playing but I cant move and the enemy attacking me does not damage. Definitely a bug. I will reload. Game looks great though.

Is it intended to be online only or both on and offline?

I will test it out on Linux as well.

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Thanks for the reply. I actually have not played Metroid Prime. :0 I was thinking about Metroid/Super Metroid.
However, I get what you mean. I backed your project yesterday. Good Luck. :)

I just played the prologue. I loved the unique game play mechanics, atmosphere, and writing. It will be interesting to see how you expand the game. However, I dont feel like its comparison to metroid is accurate. At least regarding the gameplay.