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even though this is a joke i still really liked it. it was so fast an chaotic I was never sure what was happening. great game!

This is really good even for how short it is. I love that it's based on childhood fears, that just makes it creepier! 

This was really well done! Horror games are at their best when they make you feel like you're in danger while not killing you for as long as possible. I drags out a feeling of dread and this game mastered that! great work!

How horny were you when you made this game? Jesus Christ get a girlfriend.

good game though

pretty great actually. very well put together for something made in 10 days.

pretty good but had some frame rate issues 

i loved the resident evil style, very well put together for a game jam game.

best among us clone ever

best shit post ever

this is an incredible concept that's very well executed. my only complaint is that it's hard to know what all the sound mean when you first play, so you inevitably get jump scared in the first 30 seconds. this cuts some of the tension because the worst has already happened. maybe in the full version there should be a training section first so players can learn the ropes without instantly dying.

For a first game this is actually great. you have a lot of potential! 

could probably use a sprint button. pretty good though.

pretty good. nice appearance. a bit slow for me though.

emag siht deyojne ylaaer i

I really enjoyed this game! The style was nice and I liked that it didn't take itself to seriously. I lot of similar short horror games take themselves to seriously and it just comes across like they're trying to hard. this was really enjoyable and well made overall!

I really like the concept behind this game! maybe needs a bit more polish though. sometimes jo would pass through furniture that i couldn't get through.

not bad overall. it doesn't take itself to seriously and i liked that.

not to bad for what it was made to be

i couldn't read the text at the start fast enough so maybe slow that down, otherwise good game.

pretty good actually

I talk a lot of shit about this game in the video but i actually really liked it. I did get a game breaking bug on the final stage in classic mode. I died in the ice section and had to restart the level but when i did everything was still slippery like ice which made the level basically impossible so i had to restart the game. Other than that i really liked the pixel art and design. good game.

10/10 game of the year

I really liked the games appearance and sound design but it wasn't clear how to avoid dying so i had to use trail and error. when you have to do the same encounter for the third time the tension is gone. maybe make it a bit more clear how to not die or don't go straight to instant kill mode. There is a lot of potential here though, great demo!

a true work of art

i really liked the look of this game but it was unclear at times where I was supposed to go. also there was no way to know how much health i had and the i got cornered so i couldn't run from the hammer guy once.

I really liked it! A lot of work went into all the animations and it shows!

i didn't get a toy in any of the happy meals

i really liked it

pretty good overall. didn't overstay its welcome and have to turn your back to fill up the water was a nice mechanic. 

the mannequin has to much health

game said among us

i made a video of you game but youtube automatically age restricted it. idk why. good game though.

I had a lot of fun with this one. nice style and message.

best 15 minutes of my life

fantastic game for how short it was

the fixed camera bits were annoying because of the controls but overall this was great

it wasn't really clear how to get the good ending and the jump scares relied on load noises of tension but it was ok

goo atmosphere and visuals just a little short

that loud drum was just mean

Thank god for car insurance

Not bad. but who tf ordered this food?