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The instructions are cut off in the text box when I play. Just wondering if there's another place to look at them to see the full list.

id REALLY like to play this game, but I'm having an issue that hopefully someone can help me understand.

Certain games that I try to download only give me a .rar file and nothing more. There is no extracting option for me, I simply save the downloaded file into a named folder and when  I go into it, its just one non-openable .rar file.

I'm runnin on windows 10, 64-bit. don't know if that helps, but this isn't the only game ive had this problem with. If anyone would like to key me in so I can experience this knarly looking game, id greatly appreciate your assistance.

It literally only downloaded the .rar file.. have redone it twice and its just the one file.

Devotion community · Created a new topic RAR file?

SO, when I downloaded the demo, all I got was a .RAR file....

awesome! sent you an email

where would I find the save file?

I cannot get any of my staff (cleaners or carriers) to continuously do this. (bug ?)

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So currently I have 10 rooms, my hotel is open,  have food and water, and staff members, but I have "no rooms available" when I clearly have 10 open rooms that are available. I had steady clientele at one point but I eventually get to where not one of my cleaners  or carriers (which btw, I don't even know what these guys are supposed to do) are working. Sheets aren't getting washed, rooms aren't even attended it looks like, and also in the food bar description it says there is enough for 6 meals but i only seem to have 3 'dishes available' at a time.

Customers go to the desk, and leave , hence no rooms available message.

I'm confused about how this is supposed to work, and now I have two questions:

first, when trying to "clone" a room, I'm not sure how cloning does anything since it gives me a duplicate of the room I've selected but I cannot place it in either an open area, a similar sized area that has walls around it, or really in a duplicate walled room as the previouwds layout.

secondly, I understand when you 'assign' a room/area, you click the insides of a room to be considered, and once you have made it according to the layout it assigns the room but it sounds like I'm missing what you guys are talking about as far as the "clicking on the furniture" etc. and adding it.

I'm sure its right in front of me but I cant figure this out!! DX

ohhhh!! I just now see that sentence.. what a goof I am, Thank you for reminding me of that! A new question, how do I delete floors I didn't mean to place?

I cant even place objects anywhere.. I click where I want it to go, nothing happens....

Is / has anyone else been experiencing this ?