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the verlet cloth doodle is really beautiful, i can't get over it!


howler.js for the sound, but otherwise it's just html5 canvas and javascript

How's your program work? Is it a brute-forcer, or something more clever?

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Yep! In the bottom right you'll find a skip/next button. If the button says "skip" that means you haven't beaten the level. If it says "next" that means you have. Kind of a janky implementation, sorry!

There's a bug that makes it invisible during the tutorial, but you can still click on it.

Please do! As with any other instrument, the output is yours. not mine :)

As far as I know, this is a bug that occurs when the player begins the game using the Enter key. Pressing Spacebar should spawn the player and begin the game.

The text in the trailer is is roughly based on the font that I made for the game. It doesn't function very well as an actual font, but you can download it here if you'd like: