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I like how your game teaches how to play the game with simple levels and works on that concept later in the game.

It was definitely engaging play, even though it lacked depth.
The idea is pretty cool and it fits the theme really well.
Even though the graphics are simple, they do convey the necessary information of the game.

However, the game does need more polishing mainly in the UI and pace of the game.

If it was a Ludum Dare game:
Innovation – 4/5
Fun – 3/5
Theme – 5/5
Graphics – 3/5
Audio – 3/5
Humor -2/5
Mood – 3/5
Overall – 3/5 (Upper 3, if there was this option)

I enjoyed playing your game. Thanks for allowing me to play.

I liked the Ninja Turtles vibe it gave me and how the levels are hand made. I enjoyed playing through them.
I saw that most of the assets arent yours, but for sure I can tell that most of the work went on using them to build a cohesive experience. I think your game DID deliver that cohesiveness.
Also, the game did teach me the mechanics without being necessary to read the description of the game. Not many games in jam do that.

However, I did not find any depth in the gameplay itself and the gameplay loop consisted solely on keeping running in circles pressing the buttons whenever the cooldowns were off.
This resulted in a gameplay that wasnt very much engaging. Perhaps more iteration would be necessary to find what on those kinds of games are engaging.

If it was a Ludum Dare game:
Innovation – 2/5
Fun – 1/5
Theme – 4/5
Graphics – 3/5 (even though those were not your assets, the aesthetic is cohesive)
Audio – 3/5
Humor - 3/5
Mood – 4/5
Overall – 3/5

I think its nice your game is on web and you are clearly making a lot of effort on having people to play it and you achieving it!

Game-wise I don't mind the simplistic graphics and I think the way you approach the theme can work really well.
Also, it is pretty intuitive how you can control the character and what is your goal, a thing many games get wrong.
However, the soundtrack is a little bit annoying after playing for a while and the game feel is not very tight.
This feels like its a little bit clunky to play the game and dodge the things in the way.

Anyway, congrats for your game!

Super solid and cohesive experience. I loved the graphics. Also, you nailed the tutorial and the game feel of the character. The difficulty curve is a little bit harsh, but the first levels were so memorable that it did not matter.

Great game. Had fun. Intuitive UI. Really liked the sprites, animations and flavor of the skills.

Wish it had a better tutorial in which u didnt have to read. However, once u get how to play its fun.

Solid entry.

Solid aesthetic. Nice take on the theme. Feels challenging to play against your AI and making those combos. However, for a fighting game the telegraphing and animations were missing and I think that hurt the gamefeel of the fight.

But.... I had fun. And that is what matters <3

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Excelent game. Specially for a solo. Had lots of fun playing it.

The game has good things working for it.

You can understand what is happening, you can feel the action, the graphics are cool, etc. But I feel like the engagement curve of the game was off. The tutorial can be beaten `accidentally` without the player learning how to play and the very next level is quite a bullet hell.

Im not sure how it fits the theme of the jam, specially because you do have ammo (even though u recharge it in a different way).

Even though I sad all those negative stuff, I enjoyed playing it and I had a good experience analyzing this game.

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The game feel is on point. It feels fun to play the game.

This game works great as a toy.

The graphics, even though are simple, provide the necessary information for the player to understand what is happening in the game.

However, simplicity has the downside of not attracting many player among all those 1k games. It might hurt the number of votes you are getting :(

But man... what a game experience those people a missing :)

Beautiful game. I loved the `cutscene` in the beginning.

The assets are super polished and they will for certain make people play the game. However, some `S-Rank` bugs make the first minutes of gameplay a little bit clunky, which might make people put down the game.

I think the game has a really nice touch to the classic beat em up genre and its nice to see that violence is not always the solution :)

Congrats on the game. The asset polishing shows a lot.

You nailed the theme. The arcade aesthetic was on point (art + gamefeel + bgm + camera effects). The upgrades were fun to play. It was easy grasp. Wow.

Excellent game, specially for a jam. I can see this being commercialized as a mobile game.

I like how you took the concept of a tower defense and add the necromancer tower + click to kill + click to revive theme/mechanics into account.
Even though I did not feel this game as a TD game, I think it has some good elements of action in it.
The art is simple, which is not problem, but I could identify which characters were allied and which were enemies. But I guess it worked, because they were fighting between them anyway (?)
Congrats on your game.

Congrats on the game!

I also feel that part of the clunkiness of the game comes from the game style and the game engine, but I feel that healing + defensive options can make a good game experience, far from the traditional.

Nice concept on how to approach the theme :)

I like the take on the theme.
The graphics and cohesive and the first 2 levels show how the game works.
Music was a little bit repetitive, but its fine for a jam game.
Maybe difficulty curve was a little bit too hard for my mouse sensitivity.
Overall, solid entry. Congrats!

Solid entry.

The art style fits the theme of game. Even though I missed audio, I think the game has a good approach for the theme.


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Amazing game. 

Even as a programmer, I had some trouble on the later stages of the game. I really like the "tutorial"on the menu and how the game only shows a few commands on the start and gives more and more later. Nice variety of enemies also.

It made me want to see how this game would e if it had even more things on screen lol.

Well, the game design is nailed. 

However I feel like the way the game looks before playing it does not give it justice, possibly affecting the number of people that will play your game(?)

But well, it was fun. Thanks for this!

Good Game!

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I did not expect that.

This game made me feel anxious, bothered and made me feel somewhat personally attacked. And a little bit of goose bumps. Usually this would be a bad thing, but I think its amazing that a game made in 48h could do this.

Sure... the game could use a little bit of more gameplay time and longer exposition but I mean... its a jam

Sincerely, the game design is on point. You have proven that you can make the player feel what you want them to feel in a few minutes and that is a hard thing to do. Game designers design experiences and I think you did that.

Also, kudos for narration, subtitles accessibility and volume control. This shows a lot of attention to detail.

Good game. Be proud. Congrats!

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`Submitted by DannyVegasandrerxShyvanmisantiago17doublejv with 17 seconds before the deadline`


Congrats for the game.

The game nails its aesthetic and the way it presents the challenges on the screen is pretty nice. It informs the player its goals and provides a good visual explanation on what the player can and can't touch. Also, pulling and releasing the firefly thing works really well, both in design and functionality.

The mechanics choice and timing are well thought and considering everything this game has a lot of potential for mobile.

Regarding improvements, it needs some balancing and bug fixes, maybe a tutorial and a smoother difficulty curve. But I mean... Its a jam.

Good game.

Nice concept!

I think it was a very original take on the theme of the jam.

The aesthetic is on point and it captivated my curiosity enough to want more and see what a more complex version of the game would be.

Solid entry! Congrats.

What a message <3